Motorola DEXT Hits Orange UK in Early October


American’s know the first Motorola Android Phone as the Motorola CLIQ but for everyone else the device is called the Motorola DEXT. Neither device had a release date identified beyond the general “4th quarter” timeframe, but now if you check out the Motorola DEXT page on Motorola.com (bottom right) we get more details:


There you go – pre-orders start September 22nd with availability in early October.

How about the United States? Seeing as how they held the announcement/event in the United States and introduced it FIRST as the CLIQ and secondarily as the DEXT, I assume T-Mobile will launch the phone in the same timeframe. Hopefully we will see a simultaneous same-day global launch  – carriers and manufacturers don’t have enough of those.

Let the wait begin my European friends!

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  1. It also shows up in motorolas spanish and french site

  2. Can you provide a link to the orange site with this ? I can not find it.

  3. Read the article – “if you check out the Motorola DEXT page on Motorola.com (bottom right)”

    It doesn’t mention an Orange site anywhere!!!

  4. Looks great, doesn’t look as much like a test demo as the G1 does.

  5. hopefully it comes to germany quick

  6. not available in germany? sad i like the phone

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