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So you followed our Live Blog, checked out our Motorola Cliq Pictures and Videos but you really, really want to know all the freaking DETAILS! We obey your command. First of all we want to point out that Motorola’s quick-working marketing team already has an entire CLIQ mini-site up and running that gives you tons and tons of details so you may want to head over there after we give you the main sauce scoop:


Alright so the nitty gritty of what you’ll want to know:

  • T-Mobile USA will carry it (date/price unknown beyond 4Q)
  • Orange in UK/France, Telefonica in Spain, American Movil in Latin America (date/price unknown)
  • Full Touchscreen with FULL QWERTY side slider
  • 320 x 480 pixel screen resolution
  • Android 1.5 (Cupcake)
  • 5MP camera with auto-focus
  • 3.5mm headset jack
  • MicroSD up to 32GB support
  • 1420 mAh battery
  • Syncs contacts, posts, messages, photos and much more—from sources such as Facebook®, MySpace, Twitter, Gmail™, work and personal e-mail, and LastFM
  • 5 stellar homescreen widgets to keep you always in-the-know: Happenings, Messages, Social Status, News Feeds, Calendar… plus your widgets from Android Market
  • MOTO Blur account allows you to back up your contacts/data, find a lost phone and easily integrate your existing contact info for friends/family/business

Here is some Motorola CLIQ spec info via the Press Kit:
(click to enlarge)


A bunch of features of Blur/CLIQ outlined in the press packet (including asterickseseses):

Motorola CLIQ™ with MOTOBLUR™: Smart Gets Social
Introducing Motorola CLIQ™ with MOTOBLUR™, the first phone with social skills. CLIQ is a full touch QWERTY slider, and the first device to feature MOTOBLUR. Developed by Motorola, MOTOBLUR is the first and only solution to sync contacts, posts, messages, photos and much more—from sources like Facebook®, MySpace, Twitter, Gmail™, work and personal e-mail, and LastFM—and automatically deliver it to the home screen1.

Custom Home Screen with Live Widgets
Use customizable widgets on CLIQ’s home screen to clearly see live streams of your favorite content, such as conversation threads, friend updates, stories, links, photos and more1:
Happenings1: keep all your social site updates current and ready for immediate response.
Messaging1: gives a snapshot of emails, social site messages and texts – in one spot – with the added ability to respond any way you want regardless of how it was sent.
News Feeds1: streamlines online feeds for easy browsing and reading.
Social Status1: lets you blast updates to all social networks or craft unique updates for each.

Universal Contact List
MOTOBLUR updates your contacts in real time and threads their info throughout the device, so it’s easy to keep up with who you know1:

  • Automatic Syncing1: Once activated, MOTOBLUR handles all the updates and syncing of your contacts – from personal and work email and social network accounts.
  • Real Time Updates1: When your contacts change their photos, status and contact details, it’s automatically updated on the device.
  • Context for Contacts1: When making or receiving a phone call, your friend’s latest profile picture and status is shown on the screen.
  • Universal View1: In Contacts view, you can easily scan your history of exchanges with friends, family and co-workers, and instantly communicate with them any way you choose.

Backed Up and Secure
MOTOBLUR is easy to set up and keeps your info safe and secure.

  • All Backed Up1: Contacts, log-in information, email and social network messages are kept saved on a secure server.
  • Remote Wipe: CLIQ is easy to find when it’s lost with integrated A-GPS, and owners can even wipe the data if the device is stolen.
  • Easy Upgrade1: When you get your next MOTOBLUR phone, all you need to do is enter your account username and password and you’ll be up and running.

Apps for the Masses
Mix and match thousands of apps and widgets from MOTOBLUR, Android MarketTM and GoogleTM mobile services pre-loads so CLIQ gets more and more in sync with your life1.

  • Personalized Home Screen: If you want more news feeds, shortcuts, or a different message view, the live widgets can be constantly revised and rearranged for the ultimate personal touch on the home screen.
  • Google™ Mobile Services: With popular pre-loaded Google mobile servicesTM such as GoogleTM Maps with Street View, YouTube™ and GTalk to create custom home screens that fit anyone’s multi-faceted life.
  • App Access1: Android Market provides an app for every need to create custom home screens that fit your multi-faceted life.

So Much More
CLIQ enhances its richly integrated social experience with premium messaging and multimedia features.

  • Quick Messaging1: Full touch, high-res display and slide out QWERTY for fast messaging
  • High Speeds1: Full HTML browser, 3G and Wi Fi
  • Fun Extras: 5 megapixel camera, Instant Video playback in DVD quality
  • Music Options1: 3.5 mm headset jack with pre-loaded Amazon MP3 store and IMeem
  • Great Sound: Dual microphones and noise cancellation technology

(fine print)
MOTOROLA and the Stylized M Logo are registered in the US Patent & Trademark Office. The MOTOBLUR Logo is a trademark of Motorola. The Bluetooth trademarks are owned by their proprietor and used by Motorola, Inc. under license. Android, Gmail, Google Calendar, Android Market, Google, Google Maps, and YouTube are trademarks of Google Inc Facebook is a trademark of Facebook, Inc. All other trademark and product or service names are the property of their respective owners.  © Motorola, Inc. 2009.  All rights reserved.

1Network and/or SIM card dependent feature, not available in all areas. Airtime, data charges and/or additional charges may apply. Wireless email functionality requires an email account with wireless server capabilities.

2 The unauthorized copying of copyrighted materials is contrary to the provisions of the Copyright Laws of the United States and other countries. This device is intended solely for copying non-copyrighted materials, materials in which you own the copyright, or materials which you are authorized or legally permitted to copy. If you are uncertain about your right to copy any material, please contact your legal advisor.

3 This device supports Bluetooth A2DP, HSP, HFP profiles. In order for Bluetooth devices to communicate with one another, they must utilize the same Bluetooth profile. To determine the profiles supported by other Motorola devices, visit www.motorola.com/bluetooth. For other devices, contact their respective manufacturer.

Certain Bluetooth features including those listed may not be supported by all compatible Bluetooth-enabled devices, and/or the functionality of such features may be limited in certain devices, or by certain wireless carriers. Contact your wireless carrier about feature availability and functionality.

4 All talk and standby times are quoted in Digital Mode, and are approximate. Battery performance depends on network configuration, signal strength, operating temperature, features selected, and voice, data and other application usage patterns.

Here is the full press release:

Motorola Introduces CLIQ™ with MOTOBLUR™: The First Phone with Social Skills

New MOTOBLUR™ solution automatically syncs and streams communications, contacts and content throughout new Motorola devices powered by Android™ beginning in the fourth quarter
September 10, 2009

SAN FRANCISCO – Sept. 10, 2009 – Motorola, Inc. (NYSE: MOT) today unveiled the vision behind its Android portfolio with the introduction of MOTOBLUR™. Developed by Motorola, MOTOBLUR is the first and only solution to sync contacts, posts, messages, photos and much more—from sources such as Facebook®, MySpace, Twitter, Gmail™, work and personal e-mail, and LastFM—and automatically deliver it to the home screen. Content is fed into easy-to-manage streams allowing you to spend less time managing your life and more time living it. MOTOBLUR will be available first on Motorola’s new 3G Android-powered device, called Motorola CLIQ™ in the U.S. and Motorola DEXT™ elsewhere around the globe.

Sanjay Jha, co-CEO of Motorola and CEO of Motorola Mobile Devices, announced MOTOBLUR today during a keynote at GigaOM’s Mobilize ‘09 conference.

“With MOTOBLUR we are differentiating the Android experience for consumers by delivering a unique mobile device experience designed around the way people interact today,” said Jha. “MOTOBLUR, which will be available on our first Android-powered device and on multiple Android devices in our upcoming portfolio, helps us to create phones that are instinctive, social and smart.”

MOTOBLUR leverages Motorola’s experience in mobile Linux and open platforms, and taps in to the broad Android ecosystem. The proprietary solution differentiates Motorola’s product portfolio of Android-powered devices and supplies the power and flexibility to continuously deliver a variety of new and rich consumer experiences across a wide range of devices with multiple carrier partners.

Life: Organized, Streamed and Delivered
With MOTOBLUR, all conversation threads, friend updates, stories, links, photos and more are automatically delivered to live widgets on the home screen. There is no need to open and close different applications or menus. It’s all organized, streamed and delivered throughout the device in unexpected ways:

* Happenings: View all your social site updates in one spot with the live Happenings application. Every friend feed, status update, wall post, bulletin and photo upload is automatically delivered and ready for immediate reply, any way you like.
* Messages: Quickly scroll through the Messages application for a snapshot of current work or personal e-mails, social site messages, and texts, with the ability to respond to any message however you want no matter how it was sent: text, email, IM and more.
* Social Status: Blast your status right from the home screen and even save time by updating your status to one or all your social networks at once.
* News Feeds: Keep track of your favorite news feeds, sports scores or even celebrity gossip without leaving the home screen.
* Calendar: Integrate your work calendar with Google Calendar™ into one Calendar widget that shows the next appointment right from the home screen.

Integrated Contacts with Context
MOTOBLUR keeps track of all contacts so it’s easy to keep up. Contacts are automatically synced to the phone from personal and work e-mail as well as social network accounts, and MOTOBLUR updates any changes friends or contacts make to their information so you don’t have to. When making or receiving a phone call, your friend’s latest profile picture and status is shown on the screen. In the contacts view, see your communication history with each person and their latest social network broadcasts organized in an easy-to-read manner so you’ll always know the latest info about friends and family. Plus, communicate with them anyway you like, directly from their contact information.

Backed Up for Peace of Mind
MOTOBLUR is easy to set up and secure, so there is no need to worry about misplacing the phone. All contacts, log-in information, home screen customizations, e-mail and social network messages are backed up on the MOTOBLUR secure server. Lost or stolen phones can be found with integrated A-GPS from the online owner’s portal, and data can even be wiped clean. Simply enter the account username and password on the next MOTOBLUR phone, and all the information will be ready and waiting.

Customize with Apps and Widgets
On Motorola CLIQ, mix and match thousands of applications and widgets from MOTOBLUR, Android Market™ or pre-loaded Google™ mobile services. Everything from messages to news feeds to sports scores to the Happenings widget to Google Maps™ can be added to create custom home screens that fit anyone’s multi-faceted life.

Delivered on the First Phone with Social Skills
MOTOBLUR will first be available on Motorola’s new Android-powered device, called Motorola CLIQ in the U.S. and Motorola DEXT around the globe. This QWERTY slider comes packed with all the bells and whistles:

* Never be out of contact with a full HTML browser, 3G speed and Wi-Fi.
* Snap photos with the 5 megapixel camera with autofocus; upload photos simply to your favorite photo sharing or social sites.
* Play back your favorite YouTube™ videos or capture them and easily upload them for your friends to view.
* Use the 3.5 mm headset jack to plug in your own headphones and easily connect to your music, create your own playlist or discover new music by seeing what your friends are listening to on LastFM.

Availability Around the Globe
MOTOBLUR will be available first on select Motorola devices in the fourth quarter with regional carriers worldwide. In the U.S., Motorola CLIQ™ with MOTOBLUR will be available exclusively with T-Mobile USA. Motorola DEXT with MOTOBLUR will be available with Orange in the United Kingdom and France, Telefonica in Spain and America Movil in Latin America.

For specific regional availability and pricing, contact your local Motorola representative. To experience MOTOBLUR, please visit www.motorola.com/motoblur. For the latest Motorola Mobile Devices product news and promotions, now you can also find us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

Media: For more information, product specifications and images of CLIQ, please visit Motorola Media Center Fact Sheets. For multimedia assets from the keynote, visit MOTOBLUR Press Kit.

Motorola Media Link Bridges Digital World
Motorola also is making it easier to manage your digital worlds with Motorola Media Link. This desktop experience connects your phone, PC and the web, giving you the ability to manage, secure, share and extend your phone’s media. Transfer and organize media such as photos and videos into albums and sync your iTunes and Windows Media playlists and music. Plus, Motorola Media Link helps you expand your phone with new downloads, applications, ringtones, wallpapers and more—directly from your desktop. Motorola Media Link will be available for multiple Motorola devices including CLIQ and DEXT.

There you have it folks. A BOAT load of information on the Motorola CLIQ and Motorola BLUR. Now its going to take us awhile to process all this data so why don’t you spit out all your opinions in our (half-broken) comments section and we’ll follow up with you in awhile about or takes/opinions of the announcement, the phone and new Motorola BLUR customized Android OS!

Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

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  1. Now all we need is specs for sholes.. lol im hoping for the best………

  2. i waz sholzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  3. So nothing announced for Verizon? I can’t see myself sticking with T-Mobile and their horrible service coverage. I need to get back to Verizon but I need my Android to do it!

  4. According to CNET review of the event, they had this quote:
    “Unfortunately, Motorola did not unveil the Sholes but did say that it would announce a second Android phone in the coming weeks.”

    I didn’t get that from the live blog. So they will be announcing another Android phone in the next month?

    If that is true, and if the Motorola vow not to screw up the holiday launch of phones like they’ve done in the past is true… that would mean almost certain confirmation that it is the Android 2.0 software holding it up. There is no way that they would skip out on this chance to unveil it for the holidays by waiting a couple weeks if it was in their control to deliver.

    I’m thinking that 2.0 isn’t firm enough to show off and it’s leaving a cloud of uncertainty that they need to wait a couple weeks for.

  5. Can this be used on Att 3g ?

  6. did anybody else notice in the demo video
    at about 15 seconds their is a MS EXCHANGE bubble on the left?
    i hadnt heard yet the blur would support exchange. thats cool. with that and remote wipe and online auto backup and help finding a lost phone this could be a definite case for a good business phone.

  7. ^^^ that would be the “see it” video…

  8. With a 320×480 screen at 187 DPI, my caculations put the screen at a whimpy 3.1 inches…

  9. It’s a shame motorola did away with the blue and I’m also a bit gutted that Orange has got their hands on this in the UK instead of t-mobile.

  10. Not the perfect phone, but I’m tires of waiting….one maaajor concern tho. 250mb internal storage? Isn’ tht what the g1 has? Does tht mean no OTA updates?

  11. 163g OMG!

  12. @glyco

    The G1 has 256mb of ROM TOTAL! After the OS, only about 70ish mb is available for apps. The Cliq has 256mb available just for apps.

  13. Disappointed… no… DISGUSTED, that Moto launched with T-Mobile. WHY?!?!?! There are already multiple Android phones there, and probably more on the way. Until/unless they launch with one of the real networks, Verizon or AT&T, it’s not a viable option for the broad business market. I thought for sure yesterday they’d announce either the Sholes, or at least something else on Verizon. I had no idea T-Mobile was even in consideration. I’m so ticked off…

  14. @RandyB,

    Wait for a few more weeks for the Sholes on Verizon.

    I read somewhere that it has Blur too.

  15. I LOVE IT! Im so gettn it. It sucks for you ppl who don’t hav tmobile. I can’t wait 2 get it. I love the 5mp camera & finally they have a real headphone jack. This is a definite upgrade from my sidekick slide.

  16. Wow Randy B, apparently you’ve not used t-mobile lately. Tops in sound quality and coverage that actually works. Just listen to all of the att users crying about horrible coverage on their iphones. As a very satisfied t-mobile user (and national traveler) im thrilled to see another great android option on t-mobile!

  17. can u customize the background on your home screen. i like to have a neat background for everyone to see. but i want it even if you cant. wish it could though

  18. A big plus for T-Mobile from me too! I’ve used my G1 in several major cities and gotten excellent coverage. I get a lot fewer dropped calls in DFW than my friends who have ATT and iPhones. Really looking forward to the extra space and features of the Cliq.

  19. This seems like the easiest question in the world; so sorry for my ignorance. Anyone know how to sync music from windows media player to my cliq? I tried using my usb connection and that didn’t work.

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