Motorola Cliq Pictures, Videos & Blur!


So we just finished up our Live Blog of the Motorola Cliq announcement. Now you’ve got the information but how about some multimedia goodies? I snapped some pics and grabbed some video that I think you’ll enjoy:

Motorola Cliq Announcement:

Motorola Blur Promo Video:

Fireside Chat with Head Android Andy Rubin, T-Mobile exec Cole Brodeman and Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha:

Motorola Cliq Pictures:

Rob Jackson
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LIVE BLOG: Motorola Android Event at Mobilize 2009!

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  1. great reporting Rob, compelling and rich. Fast work getting this up! phone looks good, I’m still waiting for Samsung Galaxy news for USA, the flash on the camera still sells it to me over the Cliq.

  2. I love this website. Keep up the great work Rob + crew!

  3. this looks great, i hope it comes out ASAP, my 2yr contract ran up like 2 months ago!!

    full specs at:

  4. I am disappointed that sholes wasn’t announced and released today. :(
    Any date yet ?

  5. Great job reporting guys, I’ve been checking the site often ever since rumors of the “morrison” appeared. I wonder what happened to the UMA support per the FCC testing results.

    No mention of that anywhere.

  6. @vincent

    I bet the Sholes is that 2nd phone that will be announced in the coming weeks.

  7. No Sholes ;_;

  8. Dude… is that braille?

  9. Great job, that was fast work!
    Man I love this site.

  10. finally a palm-pre like messaging app….. i’ts one for consideration

  11. What the hell is wrong with these hardware vendors that keep building linux based phones that don’t have a damn pipe key on the key board. For those of you who don’t know, Android is a java stack runnning on top of a customized linux kernel and in Linux, the pipe key “|” is used to route output from one command as input into another. For example, if I get to a linux prompt and type “find / -name *.txt | grep target”, that command will find all of the files with extension txt that also have “target” somewhere in the filename. This is one of the most powerful features and often used command scenarios in Linux. Without a pipe key how would you do this. now I know what the phandroiders are saying, “but solid, you aren’t supposed to be messing with linux part of android….” Yeah I know but I do use my g1 to ssh into all my linux servers and do admin tasks remotely from time to time. So I still need that pipe key. BTW if there are other linux guys using android, look into connectbot by jeff sharkey. It is a really good ssh client for android.

  12. Disappointed… no… DISGUSTED, that Moto launched with T-Mobile. WHY?!?!?! There are already multiple Android phones there, and probably more on the way. Until/unless they launch with one of the real networks, Verizon or AT&T, it’s not a viable option for the broad business market. I thought for sure yesterday they’d announce either the Sholes, or at least something else on Verizon. I had no idea T-Mobile was even in consideration. I’m so ticked off…

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