Samsung Releases Update for Galaxy


As of today, Samsung has released a firmware update for the Samsung Galaxy GT-I7500.

This is, sadly, not the update to Donut. However, it does include “switchers” which allow you to turn off and on Bluetooth, WiFi and GPS from the programs menu. Also along for the ride are improved device stability and battery performance.


This newest version is called IH8 and is available through Samsung’s PC Studio.

[Via TalkAndroid]

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  1. Are there any rumored dated for donut yet?

  2. @Felix M
    Nope but i expect it to come out-of-the-box in some of the new phones that are going to get released by the end of the current year, i expect sometime between November and December

  3. New Pc Studio, don’t detect my samsumg as device supported, the error is “Device not supporter”

  4. Pc stuido error “Device not supporter”, as can i updated

  5. Still can’t update in the UK through the NPS.

  6. my comments disappears

  7. Olá Pessoal,

    como é que um empresa do porte de uma Samsung, não está preparada para lança a atulização para o droid 2.0? Penso que isto é um desrespeito aos consumidores que apostam em sua marca. Lamentável que uma empresa que seja tão avançada em tecnologia, que possue produtos fantásticos, seja desleixada na hora dos upgrades…

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