Weekend Roundup: September 9th 2009 Edition


The Android avalanche has begun and its impossible to cover ALL the news ALL the time but we want to keep you folks as up to date and in-the-know as possible. Hopefully these quick summaries of happenings elsewhere in the Android world will keep you completely filled in:

Android Boots on HTC Kaiser
Before the first Android phone ever launched we saw YouTube videos of creative hackers working their leet magic by porting the Android OS to non-Android devices. Here is another example – Android on the HTC Kaiser, better known as the AT&T Tilt (via IntoMobile):

Spotify Hits Android Market
We actually got this via news tip and it fell through the cracks – but a big announcement indeed on the app scene. Spotify announced launches on both the iPhone and Android Market but you’ve got to be a premium user in order to use the app which means paying about 10 pounds (about $17) per month for the streaming music service. Here is a demo of the app done 3 months ago (via Spotify):

StarHub Launching HTC Hero, Mobile TV Apps
The Singapore network called StarHub is not only launching the HTC Hero on September 19th, but their Mobile TV service will include Android Applications and Widgets they can access direct from their Hero home screen! [Via Cellular News]

SMiT Android Tablet
Our homeboy Charbax got his mittens on this fresh little Android Tablet that is currently just a concept device. We shouldn’t call it “little” because it has a 5-inch, 800×480 screen some decent specs. I love the excitement level of this conversation – incredibly refreshing. [Via CrunchGear]

LG Assault On Smartphone Market
It is rare that you hear a company Press Release use such strong verbage as “assault” when describing their upcoming endeavors, but that is exactly what LG did. We saw the LG Etna come to life but surely LG isn’t done. Their announcement was mainly focused on Windows Mobile 6.5 devices, but judging from that tone of confidence, it seems like LG is gearing up for a whole lot more than WinMo. [Via Press Release]

If you’ve got anything else… drop a line in the comments!

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