OFFICIAL: Sprint Announces HTC Hero!


Look what we have here… Sprint just Officially announced the HTC Hero! The word was dropped through the Sprint Developer Network:


If you can’t read the fine print, here is what it says:

Announcing the HTC Hero, which will be the first Android device running on the Sprint network.

By the end of September, the Sprint developer program will deploy an Android development section that will highlight some resources, value added services applicable to all android developers. FYI, you start developing now by downloading the Android 1.5 SDK

Register to attend our upcoming 2009 Open Developer Conference, where Sprint and our ecosystem partners including HTC will be talking Android:
– Technical overview sessions on Oct 26
– Android hands on coding labs the evening of Oct 26

Oh, BTW we have some BIG announcements coming by the end of the month that will be of great interest to all android developers…we promise it won’t disappoint.


The HTC Hero is coming to Sprint! BIG announcement by the end of the month! Sprint Android event for Developers October 26th! By the way the Converence is $250 if you sign up now and $350 if you sign up afterwards so you might want to go ahead and book it.

So our question was answered… Sprint is 100% defintely getting the HTC Hero. But now we have 2 more questions… will it have a chin?

(head on over to our HTC Hero page and sign up to be instantly notified when the Sprint Hero is available to purchase/pre-order!)

[Via Developer.Sprint.com]

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  1. Just after I switched over to t-mobile for two years.

  2. Gah, how did you get that screenie? The community forums are “under maintenance” and it was to be announced there today.

  3. No Chin = No Sale!

  4. Maven, I almost would have to agree with you. If that phone we got a glimpse of the other day is a Hero then I will have to rethink it..

  5. It better be that sleek white body casing , that other one looks just like another phone

  6. Go man…I’m pray the Samsung Q is coming….PLEASE LET THIS BE THE BIG ANNOUNCEMENT. Sprint needs Samsung Q. Android needs a keyboard. Samsung Q is rummored to have an update to the Anroid OS as well. <keeping fingers crossed)

  7. @Matt Cauthen
    Actually if I had to guess what the “BIG announcement” would be I’m thinking its the Samsung Q, and that it will be running 4G, aka WIMAX. I can’t for the life of me remember where, but I had at one point read that Sprint said it would have a 4G phone out by the end of the year…and that the first 4G phones were suppose to be made by Samsung. I just googled it and found phone news ran a story similar to the one I read: http://www.phonenews.com/exclusive-sprint-hero-samsung-wimaxcdma-android-device-8288/

  8. Maven, Feech, for me having a chin or not doesn’t make or break a sale, but I know that gold trim and that ugly thing they call the hero on 8080 is not something I would buy. I don’t buy that it’s the hero though, I’m thinking we’ll get something very similar to the original. Hell, every HTC phone on their product page really good looking compared to the pics that were “leaked”

  9. I agree. No chin = no sale. The no chin is so so so ugly.

  10. Can’t get any more official than this:


    It’s the new design we’ve been seeing. No chin. I’ll still get it even if it is uglier than it used to be.

  11. They’ve got the official press release up now – no chin, $179 after rebate…although it’s NOT the same no-chin phone that leaked yesterday.

  12. If you go to HTC’s US web site, they show the Hero as coming on Sprint. It appears to have the chin (it was a front view), but the buttons appear to be similar to the chinless version that was on 8080.

  13. I love how everyone hated the hero with the chin, now Sprint has gotten rid of it and all I’ve seen for the past 2 days are ‘no-chin’ haters. I for one am jumping up and down and will be in line to purchase this on Oct 11 with a 16 gb microsd card in hand. The only rumor I’m hearing that may be a little upsetting is no access to the market directly on the phone. You know what though, instead of crying about I’ll just deal with it.

  14. There’s no chin on the official press release images:

    I have a Hero in UK, and I think the chin is great. Looks distinctive, and it fits brilliantly in my pocket.

  15. I’m pretty sure that’s false… I believe you can access the market.

  16. @chris I would hope so. It seemed odd when I heard it, but I’ve seen it several times. I also haven’t seen any news on if it would have sprint navigation on it.

  17. I think you’d be able to access the market. From Sprint’s own website, if you look at their press release and their PDF of the Hero’s features, it not only has screenshots of the Hero with the Market icon on it, but it also talks about accessing the market from anywhere to see the 8000+ apps on the market.

    I mean, if I can’t access the market OTA, why the hell would I get this phone?

    Props on removing the gold trim, though! I like it.

  18. Just saw this on a comment from engadget mobile. Love hype sheets.


  19. At the end of your article you said you two questions? Am I missing your second question?

    Or is that a clever reference to a “double chin”?

    : )

  20. Android needs a keyboard? It’s built-in… softboard FTW. If you want a keyboard, get a bluetooth one or go buy a Palm.

  21. @Rob, they’re pimping the Android Market all over the fact sheet

  22. According to HTC’s website it looks a lot like the MyTouch 3G which is fine with me. I prefer that style than the European Hero’s boxy Texas Instruments calculator looking appearance.

  23. It is definitely no-chin. All one color it appears as well. Kind of lame, I wanted a white one with the chin, but oh well, I’ll get it anyway.


  24. I don’t mind that it doesn’t have a chin, although I hate the look of the “brushed steel” finish on the bottome of the phone

  25. Well Good Blog maaaan!

  26. @jon saw that and noticed the mention of navigation in the press release. I will definitely be getting this phone!

  27. i think it looks *great*!!

  28. anyone happen to find a source with the processor and radio specs? I can only find this for the Euro version. I’m curious if they upgraded the processor/if I’ll get 3G when roaming on different networks.

  29. uhhhh yeah it’s the one with no chin I just checked the link and it shows the no chin version…. damn it

  30. Hey – this is Nathan from the Sprint Developer Program

    As you all have posted and discussed, today Sprint announced our plans to launch our first android device, the HTC Hero (which by the way is an amazing device)

    You can learn more about Sprint’s plans for Android at our upcoming 2009 Open Developer Conference, http://developer.sprint.com/devcon2009, as well as view the entire conference agenda. The conference is Oct 26-28 in Santa Clara, CA.

    HTC will be leading Android technical overview sessions as well as hands on coding labs on Monday, Oct 26 of the conference.

    Early bird registration ends Sep 15, so please take advantage of the discounted registration rate.

    FYI, we will have some other Android related announcements for the conference coming out in the near future as well including plans for android developer support through the Sprint Developer Website.


  31. The new version is f’ing UGLY in my opinion. Ugly enough for me consider passing on it. So pathetic!!! It’s flat out disgusting. Freakin brushed metal? really? sigh.

  32. Dose it raelly matter if someone swithcted over or not, no because there will be a better phone when your two year contact is up.

  33. Just moved to T-Mobile with a mytouch after 4 years with sprint. WOW… although I hated sprint so it’s ok :-)

  34. Great news for open source development. Think i will be getting Andriod phone once contact is up with my current provider. Does anyone know any other good tutorials for Android development?

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