Motorola Sholes (Rival 2?) Slides Through Bluetooth Certification


The Motorola Sholes has just jumped another mandatory hurdle after it was seen today flirting with Bluetooth 2.1+EDR over at the Bluetooth Special Interest Group. The design name is listed as Sholes CDMA so that means its Verizon destination is on track and the Model Number is A855 which we’ve seen before.



Speaking of Model Numbers, what is the only Motorola phone with a Model number beginning with A? Why of course it is the Motorola A455. Hmmmm tonly one digit off from the Sholes A855. The A455 is the Motorola Rival which is an exclusive to Verizon Wireless. And the form factor of the A455 Rival is very, very Sholes-like as you can see to the left.

So will the Motorola Sholes become the Motorola Rival 2 for Verizon Wireless? I have no clue… I merely pointed out some similarities between the two devices that COULD be a sign of things to come. Personally I like the name “Rival” but tacking on a “2” for a device as unique to Verizon as the Sholes would be a mistake in my opinion. But the name doesn’t matter much… either way it should be a smashing success.

[Thanks Brian!]

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  1. I want to no more about the desire! I dont care about the sholes! the thing looks extremely ugly!

  2. Sholes looks ugly? o.O

    I think it looks extremely nice. At least the design up here: http://phandroid.com/motorola-sholes/

    That might even become my next Android… if it’s affordable.

  3. @Shane – the phone above is the Motorola Rival. The Sholes definitely borrows that form factor but is MUCH sexier. At least if you ask me. I guess sexiness is a matter of opinion.

  4. Assuming at A855 is actually the model number, it looks like it has passed its WiFi certigication too. http://certifications.wi-fi.org/pdf_certificate.php?cid=WFA7719

  5. Motorola has other phones with “A” prefix, therefore your premise on the supposed connection with the Motorola Rival is false.

    What about the the just released Motorola A3300c and A3300 ?


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