Sep 2nd, 2009

It isn’t an Android Phone by a major carrier and the distribution channels are few and far between, but that doesn’t make the General Mobile DSTL1 any less of a phone!  Michael Oryl from MobileBurn just got his device, unboxed it and did a pretty thorough run through all of its features:

So what is the conclusion?  Here are some highlights from the review:

  • Overall pretty nice
  • Resistive touchscreen works fine (compared to capacitative)
  • 5MP camera is great
  • Google Maps and Android Market are MIA (What the heck?!?!!??) There are some alternatives fortunately but still… WACK
  • 80% of the apps worked fine, other 20% were victim of half-VGA resolution
  • A few noticeable bugs
  • Text input is slow
  • No 3G is disappointing
  • Dual SIM is awesome
  • Battery life is rough

Not too shabby for an “off the beaten path” manufacturer… but personally, this isn’t a mobile phone I would consider putting in my stable.

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