Sep 2nd, 2009

There aren’t a ton of outstanding, action packed games on Android Market yet but all-in-good time. Part of that is probably because none of the mobiles out there are really geared exclusively toward gaming. But that will change – take the recently announced ODROID Entertainment Device by HardKernel.


Although the ODROID looks like it was designed by an Autistic kid, with the 3 D-Pads randomly placed around the screen, it’s an interesting concept and we’ll give it a fair chance. The device can play games using the touchscreen or hardware buttons/D-Pad in either horizontal or vertical settings (with that many D-Pads it had better!). It offers 720p quality video capture/playback both of which are at 30 frames per second, and the ODROID also features an HDMI Out connection. The company already has a full spec list so eat your heart out:


The specs don’t blow us away but they are certainly solid and really any gaming/entertainment centric device running Android would make us happy. The processor is a 600 MHz Samsung S5PC100 ARM Cortex A8 which i4u notes is the exact same processor used by the iPod Touch.

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