Why Did AT&T Cancel The HTC Lancaster?


htc-lancaster-canceled1First things first – we’re not POSITIVE that AT&T canceled the HTC Lancaster. Furthermore, we’re technically not even sure the HTC Lancaster existed since only rumors and no official statements were made about the phone. The evidence of its existence was pretty overwhelming though, and its sudden status change via recent rumors is troubling.

So what is the REAL reason that AT&T canceled or delayed the HTC Lancaster? We don’t have a definitive answer, but we’ve got 5 possibilities and we’re asking for YOU to chime in. Start your comment off with the # you agree with before explaining your point of view:

  1. The QVGA screen was a burden AT&T did not want to bare (explanation…)
  2. Development difficulties and failure to pass AT&T Certification (explanation…)
  3. Apple told AT&T that if they launched an Android phone, the carrier would no longer get the iPhone exclusivity deal (see comment #23 by JacobW…)
  4. It isn’t delayed/canceled
  5. Other… explain!

Why let the QVGA screen stop you? Have an Android firesale and pick up the lower end before competition does. Android is Android and pretty awesome/attractive regardless of most of the specs. Higher end users demand more but scoop up the low hanging fruit!

I can see #2 being an issue simply because we’ve heard about this happening for EVER. All these companies have had problems integrating Android for the first time. It’s a learning experience and only in the United States at least, HTC and T-Mobile are the only 2 companies to have ridden the learning curve to a comfortable place.

I can see #3 being a bargaining chip but I’m not sure how far this would actually fly. Sooner or later its going to happen, Apple has to know that. Although I could see AT&T delaying the phone to keep exclusivity for a new contract and then realizing the phone would be old by the time it launched?

Alright… enough of me thinking out loud. YOUR TURN: 1, 2, 3 4 or 5?


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  1. Maybe AT&T is also planning on releasing the HTC Hero (haven’t heard anything about exclusivity with Sprint) and decided not to release two Android phones at similar times that would compete with each other and the HTC Hero having dominant specs…Maybe that is just wishful thinking on my part?

  2. Its likely that HTC has an ARMv7 android phone in the pipeline, so rather than release a phone that will be outdated on day one, they are delaying until HTC is ready to ship a phone with a current generation processor (rather than the outdated 528mhz ARMv6 qualcomm chip)

  3. #3 Is not a good reason. The reason being AT&T and Apple are already facing a lawsuit for breaking the Anti-Trust law. To break it down, If you want a HTC Magic you can order the phone from an HTC dealer or from a European Vendor, not just T-mobile, Sprint etc… If you want an Iphone can you go to the Apple store and buy one? Ahh now the explanation makes sense eh? So besides Apple’s contract for the Iphone being expired and was supposed to be picked up by Verizon, which they dropped because they were going to release Android platform phones. Apple is no position to make any threat’s. As for this info let’s just say I know some people….

  4. Another Key point in future sales of phones they are trying to pass a bill through senate to make it mandatory that all phones in the United States be made to function on ANY network. Ex. Verizon phone (CDMA) onto T-mobile (GSM). I guess they all got upset because the Iphone or Android phones weren’t on Verizon at the time. I could see it now Senators downloading porn on Iphones…. Then the world came to an end because Apple owned everything. Watch the simpsons on the (m)apple episode for further insight of what awaits the future for us with apple. here is the link http://www.hulu.com/watch/46751/the-simpsons-steve-mobs

  5. The real reason:

    AT&T is full of stupid.

  6. I seriously doubt #3 is the case, Apple is wanting to put their next iPhone on Verizon’s network (iPhone 4G?), so they are wanting the contract to be over, its AT&T that doesn’t want it to be over.

  7. read my comment Daniel.

  8. How many currently existing Android apps would run on the QVGA screen? What %?

  9. “I seriously doubt #3 is the case, Apple is wanting to put their next iPhone on Verizon’s network (iPhone 4G?), so they are wanting the contract to be over, its AT&T that doesn’t want it to be over.”

    Uhh, that logic would support #3. If AT&T really wants the exclusivity deal to extend, but Apple couldn’t care less, then Apple’s threat to end it is both credible (won’t hurt Apple) and effective to pressure AT&T (will hurt AT&T).

  10. It’s also rumored that AT&T will be releasing the Dell mini 3x phone on android, so maybe it goes back to the arguement of not releasing two android phones at once.


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