HTC Click Video Proves It’s Pho Real


The HTC Click is technically a rumor, but its appearance in a video posted by Vietnamese website Tinh Te should provide reassurance that this budgetized Android device will see the light of day. In the video we can clearly see a MicroSD slot, 3.5mm headset jack, 1100mAh battery, camera without flash and Donut build 1.50.999.0:

Since I know this will come up in the comments anyways – yes, the Click user in the video has 6 fingers on his right hand. Not like the guy asked to have 6 fingers, so lets be adults and hold off on the jokes, k? Afterall, the guy hooked us up with the first video of an upcoming Android, and there are few things we love more.

A few quality pictures also popped up along with the video:



I’m not sure about you, but I’m AMAZINGLY excited about the upcoming and inevitable wave of low to mid-end Android handsets. They’ll have a larger collective impact on the mobile market as Android will be able to transform the average cell phone customer into a smartphone user upon purchase. These people WANT Android they just don’t know it exists and have no clue what it is or what it does.

Once affordable Android phones like the HTC Click land on carriers around the globe, the masses will be armed with smartphone power and the Android Market. Considering the general public has been sheltered from the true capabilities of mobile phones for so long, it will be exciting to see everyday folk come into the Android light.

[via Engadget]

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  1. I think it’s fake……

  2. are all android phones gonna come without a physical keyboard now =( that saddens me

  3. Hey did you see that guys? J/K anyways so we can see it has a smaller screen than 3.2″ and that the little circle in the middle is a D-pad and a clicker to select things (which IMO shouldn’t have been so huge)and that its obviously running an unfinished version of donut(hints the FC when he selects the camera) but the real question is, is that dragon and signature a custom back cover or are they all gonna look like that?

    and from this video we can also take that, that guy either has a home replacement app on his magic or that its been rooted and that he has some weird cushion looking sticker on the back of it? lol

  4. never mind he’s running sence on his Magic

  5. I personally think we’ll hit a plateau of smartphone adoption in the next year. It isn’t the entry price of the handset that has been holding the rest back, its the high monthly cost of owning an always connected device. These phones are all but nothing without their data connections (ie you can’t get one without a data plan) and providers won’t be lowering the cost much more than they already have (they can’t afford to do that AND increase 3G/add 4G). Three years or so from now, once the carriers have finished this next tier of upgrades and mobile broadband is as widespread as 2G is now, everyone will be buying smartphones because mobile data costs will have bottomed out.

  6. They could have made this phone look a little better by positioning the buttons in a different fashion… and also… instead of that gigantic round button… a trackball or D-pad(like the HTC Galaxy) would look better… and I love the Tribal dragon in the back of the phone… :)

  7. @Nate – you make a great point about the price of data plans being a barrier for mass adoption. I hadn’t really thought about that and you make a great point. Thanks for the comment!

    @Ted417 – yeah he must have had that custom made I would think. But considering you can get custom stuff like that for the T-Mobile MyTouch 3G, maybe its something that will be offered with the phone too. Although usually early look beta devices like this are loaners and not owned so would he really have done it himself? Hmmmm… good way to spruce up a cheaper phone I suppose.

  8. I wonder if it will have multi-touch??
    BTW this isn’t a joke about the guy with the extra digits, just wondering if the cheaper end adnroids will support multitouch or not :-)

  9. Is that the guy off of the The Princess Bride?

  10. The Princess Bride – The only chick flick that I’ll watch. Good Movie.

    I wonder if it will have a biger ROM load space (NVRAM)? To support Donut if it doesnt that may leave the Magic and Dream open for Donut.

  11. I agree with KiDD!!

  12. groovy music

  13. I agree with whoever said the barrier to smartphone adoptions is the monthly cost. What I’m hoping is that as smartphones begin to dominate the market the carriers will start to adopt new models. Maybe up the data plan costs slightly but drop the voice plan cost or start allowing VOIP. T-Mo should have allowed hotspot at home on the G1. I would have taken a cheaper voice plan since I’m mostly near a wireless network I could use.

  14. @Nate Personally, I’m on prepaid, so buy data in chuncks, then use APNDroid to turn on/off the data connection. Saves a lot of $$$.

  15. i would love to watch that phone explode while trying to run the hero rom

  16. 6 fingers? o.O

  17. The video does not work .. it says it’s a private video ..

  18. Video doesnt work ?

    :( :( :(

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