Google Listen: Android Podcasts Gone Wild!


Now would probably be a good time to revive our Android Podcast. Google has just launched a new service called Google Listen which for all intents and purposes, is a Podcast Manager for your Android device! It allows you to subscribe to audio streams, search for audio, find audio searches and much more. Here is how Google themselves describe Google Listen:

Listen from Google Labs brings podcasts and web audio to your Android-powered device. It lets you search, subscribe, download and stream. By subscribing to programs and search terms it will create a personalized audio-magazine loaded with fresh shows and news stories whenever you listen. In this release Listen is indexing thousands of popular English-only audio sources.

The application looks INCREDIBLY polished – see for yourself (images failed due to below problem):

google-listen google-listen-2

The application has obviously become IMMEDIATELY popular based on the “Over Quota” error I got when trying to access the application’s download page:


In fact, right now it appears that the beta version is completely inaccessible at – hmmmmm that’s odd? We’ll update this post as we learn more, but it seems that what you see is what you get although right now it will only be available for Android’s in the United States.

Is Google taking on iTunes?

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  1. question. why do some apps, like this one, not show up in my android market? i’m in amsterdam. is the market different for different locales? who controls what is available in the android market

  2. This is available in the UK over T-Mobile on my Hero.
    Works great! I was just about to pay for DoggCatcher, but it looks like this does exactly what I need for free! Sorry to DoggCatcher dev, but you gotta love free Google services =)

  3. This is available in the Android Market in the UK. Working fine on my Vodafone HTC Magic. :)

  4. OMG! You guys should totally bring back the podcast!

  5. I just purchased DoggCatcher and am glad I did. It’s better than Google Listen so try both before deciding.

  6. The market is indeed different in the netherlands (and other countries probably as well), due agreements with telcoms and/or laws. The reason this particular app isnt available in the Netherlands; I have no clue. Maybe they’re first just “beta-ing” in the us/uk. I’m waiting for it as well (I’m from Utrecht, NL)

  7. I just downloaded it now from the Android Market onto my T-Mobile myTouch and it downloaded and installed without issue.

  8. Does anyone know if Google Listen provides a way to subscribe to a particular podcast not found in the search?

  9. Ok this may be a stupid idea, but if somebody could put the installer online, can we then just install that package here in the netherlands?

  10. It’s available in Australia. When a publisher submits an app, they can select “All Current and Future Locations” or they can select individual countries.

  11. I got it to work in Canada.. then again, I have a rooted phone.

  12. I downloaded it yesterday in the UK – am also using rooted phone though (which, btw, probably doubled the speed of everything on my G1)

  13. This app is good but it needs more options …my batt has been sucked dry by this app today…if you subscribe to a podcast it doesn’t give you the option to not download …I didn’t realize this at first and subscribed to a bunch of podcasts when I installed it today

  14. I sure hope Google is trying to take on iTunes, I really dislike that stupid piece of software. The most awkward and despotic music player made by the most arrogant and communistic company (but man, they do have some good products).

  15. 1. I would like to confirm that “LISTEN” uses a data stream and will not add to my phone call minutes.

    2. How does one download previous (older) podcasts that “LISTEN” can see and play? (I can place the file on the SD card, but how do I get “LISTEN” to play the file?)

  16. I would like to listen to google talk. I searched the applications and was unable to find it in the android marketg. I am still not sure how to manage and get what I want to listen to. I was also tring to listen to local traffic reports. It can’t be found but gives. Me other state info. Please help. Thank you.

  17. I have the new G2 Android phone which was pre-loaded with the Listen app. But I can’t use it as I get a message saying “Listen requires a gmail account to sync with Please add a new account in system preferences”.
    This is all fine but I cannot find a way to get to “system preferences”.


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