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Android is moving on up. When Google announced the platform almost 2 years ago, many critics laughed at what they thought was a pitiful attempt to plant themselves in the largest upcoming growth market. But if imitation is the best form of flattery, Android should be flattered. One year ago, everyone was looking for the iPhone Killer. Today, the iPhone can be found copying what the latest Android Phone made famous – HTC Sense:


You’ll need a jailbroken iPhone to accomplish the task, but once you’re done, you’ll have the beauty and awe of the HTC Sense UI, complete with the sexy clock/weather widget, updated app icons and delighfully curved launch dock. Check out a video of HTC Sense on the iPhone in action:

This is for all you suckers who bought into the iPhone craze who are now locked into a contract, wishing you had an Android to brighten your day. I guess this is the next best thing to either switching carriers or paying full price for an AT&T Android when they launch this holiday season.

[RedmondPie via EngadgetMobile]

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  1. Muwhahahahahhahahahha. (Evil enough?)

    @ňďřöïď øwňż

  2. He didn’t review one of the main features of the Sense UI….Scenes! Can you change Scenes according to your schedule? ie Work, Home, Weekend, etc.. Also, do you also get 7 screens to place your apps for each Scene? It looks like you do since there was a slide bar on the bottom of the screen. However, he only swiped using the side quick launcher.

  3. So they take away our palm pre and iphone themes, yet this is kosher? I don’t buy it! F that shizz!

  4. damn this guy… cant believe these geeks are that gud…

  5. @ Craig – I Agree. I think Google/HTC should take action against Apple.

  6. Shouldn’t be to hard to move the team to a rooted Dream/Magic IF the iphone can indeed do it.

  7. this really sucks i phone is not supposed to be getting better

  8. the flip clock is wrong and it has no widgets(one of the main elements of the sense ui) its fine at first glance but when you look at it properly it is plain sh*t

  9. I don’t know if you people know this but the senseui isn’t actually ported to the iphone its just a theme, there is no sense in this iphone. If you notice the screen transition bar don’t work.

  10. When I saw this, I just loled. Sell your iPhone and get Android already. Support Open Source, not Apple and their greed!

  11. What a loser, he’s really trying to convince people that he’s running Sense on his iPhone, while it’s obviously just iVillain theme for iphone. I’ve got an iPod touch, tried it with this theme and compared it to my HTC Hero. Apart from the homescreen looking like the default Sense home screen (which Hero-owners probably customize as soon as they turn on their phone) it’s NOTHING like HTC Sense.

    “it’s basically a quick launcher. It’s a swipe to-menu” Why lie? It’s not a quick launcher, you just swipe to the next screen, where you’ve put your apps. The only reason you don’t see them on the first screen like a default iPhone is because you’ve used iBlank to fill up the homescreen with blank icons!

    Seriously, it’s a pretty cool theme (though the Android theme on my iPhone was far cooler), but it’s nothing more. And it isn’t even your theme! So stop trying to pass it off as ‘HTC Sense on an iPhone’ and just call it like it is! Or get an HTC Hero

  12. Why is it that android is suppised to be open source and the Iphone has an Android and palm pre theme already.

  13. “Why is it that android is suppised to be open source and the Iphone has an Android and palm pre theme already.”

    Because no one likes the iPhony lame UI… And like the previous poster sad its not a port its just a theme… SenseUI does SO MUCH MORE!!! If you actually read something about Sense IU or at least played with it you would know…

  14. lol @ everyone above me. i have a jailbroken ipod touch, and it’s more open source than any android phone i’ve seen/used. right now i’m running a windows 7 theme, with a start menu, popup system, etc that actually works. what does android have? a lot of phones running the same operating system, but with…. A DIFFERENT LOOKING CLOCK! oh dang! and to everyone who is like but ohemgeeee android is sooo cool, 2 words for you. APP STORE. i win.

  15. android multitouch sucks as well as keyboard in hero/magic/tattoo :/

  16. Do you guys know what open source means? Google posts their source code OPENLY so that developers can modify it. Steve Jobs definitely does not do that.

  17. I don’t know if anyone has already said this but I’m tired of reading all of your comnments. Don’t blame Apple because they have nothing to do with it. It’s a theme which is made by the COMMUNITY. You have to get it by JAILBREAKING your iDevice. Apple does not support jailbreaking. Don’t talk crap if you don’t know what your saying. Get your facts straight. THIS(HTC Sense Theme) WAS NOT MADE BY APPLE.

  18. ’cause iPhone owners wish they had Droids. ph34r.

  19. If you really want Android on your Iphone use Iphdroid (it only works on 2g and 3g) but its actually android, the real deal not just a theme. check out how to do it at “http://www.ipodtouchmaster.com/install-android-on-your-iphone-2g-3g-iphodroid/”

  20. your dorks, i have an iphone and had this theme its lame, but what it offers to the iphone users is the ability to look like one fone one day and the next just change the theme… its not supposed to be the exact same

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