Brainwashed: You Never Saw The Dell Mini 3i


dell-mini-3iYesterday at an event for China Mobile, Dell had on display what everyone believed to be the Android/OPhone based Dell Mini 3i. But now the company has confronted the public with a flurry of PR technicalities, hoping to make you think you may have possibly kind of forgotten what you sorta may have seen kind of maybe there? Did you?

First comes Dell Spokesmen Matt Parretta:

“The only thing that we’re confirming is that we’re in product development with China Mobile,” he said, “We were there as a development partner for the [Google Android-based] oPhone platform.”

He continues, pushing the point a bit further:

“We haven’t named any products, and we’re not confirming anything [in terms of product details],” he said. “We were there showing a proof of concept.”

And finally (and this is my favorite), the incremental movement in PR lines edges the border of hilarity:

“It wasn’t officially, formally introduced so much as it was waved around,” she said.

And then Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones jumped out from behind a tree in their Men In Black suits and use their neuralyzer (aka flashy thing) on the entire crowd.


Dell could be backtracking because the specs might subtly change or perhaps they didn’t give the phone the formal/excited launch they felt it deserved, but don’t be fooled… what you saw of the Dell Mini 3i yesterday is probably exactly what you’ll get when it launches on China Mobile.

[Via PCMag]

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  1. As China doesn’t allow WiFi on phones and their wireless networks are Edge spped at best, I dunno what to get excited about a smartphone without 3G or WiFi ! As it is, its just a PMP with GSM/CDMA chip in it. A big Yawn…

  2. ROFLMAO!!! @ “Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones jumped out from behind a tree in their Men In Black suits and use their neuralyzer (aka flashy thing) on the entire crowd.” :D

  3. @Derreck China does allow Wifi on their phones, but only those that conform to the WAPI specification.

    And 3G is available – there’s the homegrown TD-SCDMA on China Mobile, the European UMTS 3G on China Unicom, and the American EVDO 3G standard (god knows what it’s called) on China Telecom

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