Samsung Instinct Q Coming November?


samsung-qDespite the awkward absence of the Samsung Galaxy on a broad global stage, it’s easy to get excited about an Android-based version of the Samsung Instinct which is exactly what the Samsung Instinct Q is rumored to be. We’ve heard for a VERY long time that this Sprint-bound Samsung would land on October 11th but an anonymous PhoneArena tipster is saying otherwise.

According to the rumor, some Sprint employees (including the tipster) have already attended training sessions for the new phone which they claim will launch in November. Was that October 11th date incorrect? Has the launch been delayed so it can incorporate a newer development branch of Android that is expected after early October?

If you’re a Sprint employee who attended one of these training sessions or you’ve got some kind of inside info on the Samsung Instinct Q we would LOVE to hear from you. Remember, we keep our sources confidential and you can count on your anonymity and privacy!

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  1. I hope Samsung don’t ruin Android. I’ve had a few Samsung phones and not been particularly impressed with any of them. After the last one I had (Samsung Omnia/i900) it’s fair to say that it’ll take alot of convincing for me to ever consider buying another Samsung phone.

  2. I think the exact opposite of you, Rob. I love Samsung, and I find that nearly everything they make is of superior quality. I have owned two Samsung phones, and I never had a problem with either of them. Now, I’m not saying that Samsung makes particularly great software, but the beauty here is that they don’t have to. I’m dying to get a hold of a Samsung with Android, but there’s no way in hell that I am moving to Sprint for one.

  3. This is very exciting. I’ve been scouring the net for word on Android phones coming to Sprint. I love my Instinct but it’s almost a year old now and I skipped upgrading to the new version in hopes that an Android phone would soon follow. I was excited by the news of the HTC Android phone potentially coming in October, but for an Android Instinct to come along? I just might poop my pants.

  4. am with you rob…a couple of samsung, same bad experiences….

  5. Why do people seem to hate Sprint so much? Okay, sure, their customer service is often times screwy. But their service, coverage and innovation is that which is unparalleled by any other carrier. I’ll agree that their lack of knowledgeable customer-facing employees is less than perfect and definitely needs improvement. However aside from this, Sprint is the best out there. And now with WiMax, they are the fastest combined wireless/voice provider (other than their subsidiary, Clearwire) in the world. And let’s not even try to compare Verizon as their innovation only exisits due to other’s creativity, while their proprietary Nazi VERIZON-OS is horrible. It will be interesting to see where Sprint goes, and jumping on board with Android and Samsung (creating the newly updated Android OS phone with a full QWERTY keyboard) will be a great move for them.

  6. HTS Hero launches 8/11 with sprint
    I’m excited, $180 with all of the upgrades and rebates, and it does require and everything plan

  7. @Rob: The Instinct from what I’ve experienced has yet to be a ‘terrible’ phone, the screen is nice and what not, the only thing it’s ever lacked was better software… I personally will -wait- until the InstinctQ has been reviewed after a release and what not, I might consider it a replacement for my iPod and such. Also, as a curious somewhat developer I feel it would be awesome to code something for my phone and what not.

  8. I went into a sprint store and asked if the Instinct Q- the one with the full keyboard is coming out and they said no. I don’t know if they were lying but they did tell me when the new HTC touch 2 was coming out in the past, so why would they lie and say “no we are never coming out with a phone like that” they could have just said “not that I know of” or “i don’t think so” they said “no we are never getting a phone like that.”

  9. ohhh they also said “the only phone like the instinct by samsung that is coming out is the instinct HD and the only real difference is that it will have a 5 megapixel camera”

  10. i think this phone is awesome . and how it flips 2 way , GENIUS! haha . I love it ! its works like a charm i hear .

  11. i love samsung phones! i had this one crappy flip phone of theres for my first phone, i kicked that thuing across parking lots in the rain, threw it at cement, droped it down stairs, it mever broke! i have a samsung instinct now, and man ive droppeed it a few times, on cement,k or down stairs, or from high up onto cement, its still alive, barely scratched

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