Aug 17th, 2009 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 4:27 pm

If the dates and numbers over at DigiTimes are right, the HTC Click could be launching as early as September for a very small price tag and move a LOT of units. According to the article, HTC is forecasting 19% growth in shipments in the 4th Quarter of 2009 due largely in part to the HTC Mega and HTC Click, two budget phones running Windows Mobile and Android respectively.


This would be impressive alone, but the company is forecasting this growth amidst an expected 20% decline across Europe during that same period. They’ll have to make that up elsewhere in a BIG way and the person writing this article hopes they look towards North America to pull the weight. At an expected $300 price point BEFORE 2-year contract, rebates and subsidies, the HTC Click could make a HUGE splash by being the first Android Phone aimed at affordability.

DigiTimes reportedly got this news from the Chinese newspaper Economic Daily News who cite data from Merrill Lynch. Details on the HTC Click are few and far between, but the idea of an Affordable Android phone definitely wets our appetite and with a late Q3 or early Q4 launch expected, you might not have to wait long before it’s time to chow down!

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