Aug 14th, 2009

Samsung’s first Android phone hasn’t exactly come storming out of the gate. After launching in a few European countries, starting with Germany, the Samsung Galaxy has been kind of MIA for a handset that should command the attention of the masses. While rumors have persisted that the device has failed to pass various certification standards, we’re now hearing that the Galaxy i7500 is well on its way to making the rounds… next stop O2 UK.

If you visit the O2 UK website, check out the accessories section and try to select the Samsung Galaxy from the brand/model drop down, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find it sitting there in broad daylight:


Clicking through will yield zero results, but the existence of the I7500 Galaxy name on the website is delightfully telling. I should also mention that last week the Samsung Galaxy also launched on Israeli carrier – Cellcom.


FYI the cost of the Galaxy on O2 UK is still unknown and next week’s launch is still rumor, but I’d say its a pretty safe bet to occur within the next couple weeks at the latest.

[Thanks Moshe!]

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