Motorola Morrison Passes FCC, Could Be Named Cliq


The government’s purpose is to serve the people and that they have done very, very well – the FCC has just passed the Motorola Morrison with flying colors, giving us some additional details about the upcoming and unannounced handset. Lets piece together the clues.

First we have the “Attestation Statements” which give us a bunch of brilliant specs while also outing the model number as CLIQ MB200 – will this come to market as the Motorola CLIQ?


That’s a nice collection of specs!

The FCC sent a document back to Motorola asking them to clarify several points. One of their answers in the document – named Supplemental Response to IHD90566 – confirms that both a black and a white version of the phone will be available:


Then we slide on over to Exhibit 6A2 which is the Bluetooth Addendum Report filed way back in mid May which tells us straight up the battery used on the device:


I’m not sure where they got it, but Cell Phone Signal was able to grab an internal document showing the battery model’s used on each phone:


That number matches up – SNN5843A – letting us know that (assuming CPS is right) this IS indeed the Motorola Morrison. Possibly soon to be called Motorola CLIQ. Speaking of which, if HTC ends up launching their HTC Click we could have a little naming war! In case you’re wondering what the heck this Morrison/CLIQ we speak of looks like, let us remind you:


Although a trip through the FCC usually means a launch date is around the corner, documents show Motorola filed for 180 days of confidentiality so a release in 2009 isn’t even guaranteed. We’ll let you know as soon as any more information pops out of the woodwork.

[FCC via CPS]

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