Twelve myTouch 3G how-to videos release


A series of how-to videos just released showing just how to do all the basic need to know functions of the myTouch 3G. The series of videos come in 12 parts so that you do not have to go through and watch most of the video just to find a specific potion.

Most of the video cover tasks that are usually pretty self explanatory such as installing the battery and SIM card. There are a few though that can really come in handy such as now to complete a master reset of the device. Here is a complete list of what is covered in the instructional videos:

  • How to Install the Battery, SIM card & Memory card on the myTouch 3G
  • How to Set up a Gmail Account on the myTouch 3G
  • How to Text Message on the myTouch 3G
  • How to Copy SIM Card Contacts on the myTouch 3G
  • How to copy Contacts from Outlook to Gmail
  • How to access the Internet on the myTouch 3G
  • How to Customize the Home Screen on the myTouch 3G
  • How to use the Camera on the myTouch 3G
  • How to Search the Android Market on the myTouch 3G
  • How to Take a Video on the myTouch 3G
  • How to Make a Call on the myTouch 3G
  • How to Complete a Master Reset on the myTouch 3G

These may all seem pretty useless to many tech heads but there are many of us who are lost with today’s technology. Companies should really invest the time in having more video support for their devices. Who out there is excited to get their hands on the myTouch 3G?

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  1. I will be switching from PPC6700 to this! Hero is awesome and all but I can’t wait. or should I? I can get a free PPC6800 soon from Sprint with no contract through the insurance but I wanna get my hands on this bad boy!

    Is this thing going to be compatible with outlook contacts and calendar?

  2. First

  3. lol i had my HTC Magic for a few months now and i did not know there was a wallpaper gallery as i was just adding them from the net.

  4. Did anyone notice that it says “Welcome to T-Mobile Opal?”

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