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This isn’t your typical unboxing video… for one because it isn’t your typical phone but mostly because the box is a temporary and anonymously white encasing for the mighty HTC Hero. By the time this hits shelves it will come in a much prettier packaging and the user guide/manual and standard documents will surely be stuffed inside. But hey – we’ll take what we can get and all we really WANT is the phone itself. And the phone we have:

The HTC Hero is one heckuva beauty both inside and out. I don’t reveal anything new in the video or make any stunning revelations or conclusions, but I can assure you that my time is being spent handling the device and I’ll be bringing you folks my more thorough thoughts as the days pass.

If there is anything particular you would like to see feel free to leave a comment/question and I’ll try to demonstrate it in a video or get to it at some point in one of my Hero videos.

Stay tuned for more!

Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

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  1. I wanna wanna wanna :D

  2. 1-well thee is parlingo and other whole lot of massengers apps in the market
    but is there any messeging app in the sense were u can interegate ur different emails
    2- can u show us the syncing with facebook there isnt so much info about facebook in other videos
    3-u know ho with earlier phones there is certain countries were u can find paid app is that the case with the hero

  3. I would like to see a demonstration on the pervasiveness of multitouch throughout the OS (i.e. whether or not it is confined to the browser). I’ve heard whisperings of rumors on this, but nothing solid.

  4. A crazy spin to maybe prove that the accelerometer and OS can handle it, by crazy i mean umm.. maybe 20 :D

    something im sure no hero video would cover, so this would be a first ;)

  5. oh most importantly, how good is the touch response? as good as the iphone or better? coz i see you either are not doing it right at time or maybe the phone is not all that responsive.

  6. you can use this phone on tmo’s network, the only thing that wont work is 3G.

    @RobJackson, where did you get this from?

  7. Does it blend?

  8. I’d really like to know how the performance of the OS is compared to the G1. The G1 (you probably know) has a bit of a lag to it sometimes… just a few seconds where it’s not doing anything, or also choppy animations.

    Oh, and: How’s the touch screen compared to the G1? The G1 does have issues at the very edges of the screen. I sometimes have problems moving shortcuts to other screens because of that. Have they improved on that?
    The HTC Magic seems to suffer from the same problem, plus it seems to be even worse with the Samsung Galaxy.

  9. put a us tmo sim card in it and let it rock.

    euro phones are 900-1800-1900 us phones are 850-1900.

    i used a nokia 9500 euro version for about a year, it’s ok.

    if you got an inside line to HTC tell those guys to incorporate UMA into it please.

    the only tmo UMA smartphones are crackberries ecch.

    if all else fails some bright app writer should write a UMA app for android please.

  10. Hey Phandroid,
    -You numerously said that the T-mobile sim card connection would not work, however I hear from others that it does work…at least on edge. May you please confirm? Oh and if does work, can you see the speed of the edge connection with your T-mobile Sim Card and post a video so I can get a glimpse of how fast it runs? Im currently going to buy an imported one and am wondering how the edge speed would fair on it.

    -Also, I would like to see how flash games would work in the Hero.

    Thanks a lot!

  11. Can you please show the music player in action, and explore its features (such as search and control from the headset buttons)? The music player is one of the weakest points on the standard Android OS, so I’m curious to see how they’ve improved it.

  12. amazing, can anyone put it side by side next to an iphone, to compare the screen sizes and the size of the whole device

  13. how does it feel in your pocket with the screen facing you?

  14. I have the Hero Rom on my G1 and love it. I have a little lag with it running but over all I love it.

  15. will the apps store work with wifi?

  16. Hey cooool you’re lucky

    It’be really great if you could give us some insight on :
    – how does the exchange client work compared with let’s say iphone.. (can you invite ppl to meetings, does it drain battery)
    – speaking of which, it’d be great to have so info on battery life. I dream of a whole day field test : one htc hero, one mytouch, one iphone.. use them exactly at the same time for the same tasks (some web browsing, push mail on, some gps, some music, etc….) and then see how battery life goes… which phone makes it thru the day with the same usage
    – and then… engadget pointed that only the white htc hero was coated with teflon, not the other colors, which had just a soft touch plastic. Can you confirm this? Is it still durable if not in teflon?

    Thanks a lot !

  17. – and please..
    next video, please stop the item tested from moving about
    all the time, hard to keep focus.
    try sitting behind the camera, as we will see the same as you, and hence will get more than 1-2 sec glimpses of it
    before you have to turn it over..

    just my 0,02$ otherwise a good report !

  18. Thanks Rob!

  19. Do you agree with gizmodo ?

    They say it’s sluggish and draaaaaags too much :(

  20. More lighting, less moving.


  21. Ordered the Hero from orange uk today will receive it thursday!!!! Ha

    free on racoon 40 —–

  22. OMG you lucky bastard, Its the phone of my dreams.

  23. What about the flash player?

  24. by the way whats happening with samsung galaxy ? come and gone ? i’m waiting it out for sony ericsson’s android xperia… packs a wallop, that phone…

  25. Superetrader now said it would be 7th August.. So I’ve cancelled my order with them. If only Orange sold it sim free =(

    I think I’ll order from Play.com now.. not sure

  26. I’ve pre-ordered from Expansys and I’m gona get £30 worth of vouchers to use on accessories on the website. Nice.

  27. Please can you demonstrate the quality of video by playing a downloaded video from the video player and show the quality of a video recording taken from the phone?

  28. I just got a hero and am having issues with the touch screen – screen doesnt recognize my touch most times and a stylus doesnt work at all – I’m wondering if i got a bad one. There is a lot of lagging too. Frustrating phone even though its cool theres a lot of bugs.

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