HTC Hero On T-Mobile USA: SIM Card Switcheroo


A couple days ago we posted an HTC Hero unboxing and I (mistakenly) mentioned that I wouldn’t be able to use it on the T-Mobile USA bands since my version was made for the UK. I received a number of questions about what is/isn’t possible and how fast it would run on T-Mobile USA if it could at all. This little video should clear it up:

And for those eagerly awaiting our full HTC Hero review, I’m working on converting all the videos tonight and it will be posted tomorrow morning!

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  1. I am just too excited about Android. I reckon that this Os will eventually become defacto mobile comms Os.

    I checked out the Htc Hero at an orange store in the city and as told they had only one left. It’s flying off their shelves.

    The iPhone should enjoy it’s day in the sun.


  2. Hmmmm now I wondering if I should pick up a import? Mayyyyybe?

  3. Those speeds are MegaBITS not MegaBYTES. A 5 MegaBYTE MP3 would take 25 seconds to download at 0.2 MegaBYTES per second, but more than 3 minutes at 0.2 MegaBITS per second.

    For those interested, 1 Byte = 8 bits. By convention bps = Bits per second, Bps = Bytes per second (note case usage).


  4. How much in U.S. dollars would the Hero be ?

  5. Good work. Looking forward to the review videos. :)

  6. So I can’t see vid on bb. What does it support on tmo ? 3g,EDGE,edge? Voice etc?

  7. Thanks for demonstrating the edge connection on the HTC Hero, its not that bad as I thought it would be. I think I”ll be importing one. And to Bobcat, the HTC Hero will only work on T-mobiles EDGE connection. and @ Atoms an imported HTC Hero would cost about 600 dollars.

  8. Do we really need a 10 minute video showing that the HTC Hero is a standard GSM handset?! As long as the device is SIM unlocked, there has never been an issue using GSM phones with T-Mobile USA (including iPhones). Early adopters and those who stay on the cutting edge of handsets ought to have no problem switching SIM cards.

    Also, the narrator of the video failed to enable the “Use only 2G networks” option. If you are using a 3G device, but one that does not have the bands your carrier uses (such as any 3G device not specifically sold through T-Mobile, as very few support T-Mobile’s AWS 1700MHz band), then you should turn off 3G. Otherwise your phone will constantly try to find a 3G signal, but fail to connect, thus eating LOTS of battery.

  9. I was told that the hero would be able to down load in 3g but upload in 2g in the u.s.would any one be able to tell me if its true? thanks

  10. I was wondering why did he wait for the hero to boot-up and then took out the battery (which the phone will hard shutdown which is bad), put in the sim card and wait for the boot-up again.

    A whole 2mins can be trimmed. :)

  11. Does the 3G work with any other carrier like AT&T?

  12. how do u get the review handsets cause i would love to review phones.

  13. FIRST!

  14. I think you’ll find much faster speeds, if you used a different method to test… as the flash website was taxing the handset quite considerably, not allowing the device to run at it’s optimal performance.

    Consider downloading one of the free apps, or look for an alnertive / non flash website to test.

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