Android 1.5 CRC1 Security Fix (VIDEO)


This weekend my G1 told me it was update time… only 884 kB so this should be quick, easy and painless!

The only thing worse than wasting 10 minutes aimlessly watching a stupid bar slowly move across a screen is wasting 10 minutes aimlessly watching someone else watch the stupid bar go across the screen. And since I know you love to be tortured, I am telling you about this after the fact. Cruel, I know… but I felt like someone should suffer with me (or after me). By the way I know the dialogue box tells you that your phone will be unusable during the update, but they should also tell you that its going to take so long in my opinion.

The update is listed as CRC1 and aside from mentioning it fixes some type of security issue, no other details are known and chances are no extra features are added. If you’ve got any additional info hit up the AndroidForums discussion about it.

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  1. A tripod would be a great investment for future videos ;)

  2. I’m curious if this will kill rooted phones. I’ve been getting this message to update all day and having it put off until JF update comes out with it. I don’t really feel like having to wipe my phone and go through the rooting process again over a piddly, apparently long, security update that isn’t explained.

  3. @BigTex

    I believe that while this update WILL download on rooted phones, it WILL NOT install. It will fail to because of the incorrect (test) certificate keys. More info here:


  4. One thing i noticed after the update is that the autorotate seems to be a bit quicker, which is cool. Anybody else notice this? Rotating used to take a couple seconds, now it seems like it takes only a second.

    Anybody? Am i crazy or just being hopefully optimistic?

  5. I have noticed that my g1 is now failing to connect to my jabra bluetooth headset. Has anyone else noticed this since the update or did my headset just give up the ghost?

  6. @Ben: I dunno, with every update somebody says something is better, quicker, faster etc., this time even I couldn’t resist. The OS just feels faster than before. :D
    But I really think it’s just a placebo and nothing has changed really.

  7. Had the same update 2 days ago and only took 3 minutes for me…

  8. I got picasa link or what ever on home screen. I never dowloaded picasa nor do intend. I looked for the picasa in my apps and the icon wasn’t there. That’s odd!!!

  9. Oh I just found out by opening and closing ym g1 that the screen changes pretty fast. Nomore of that 2 or 3 second delay that was effn annoying.

  10. Also, interesting to note that in the browser when you close a window, instead of the next window zooming in to view it fades into view from behind the closed window

  11. My bluetooth headset won’t work anymore either. It says it’s connected but you can’t hear anything once the seconds start counting.

    Also, I have to reset the phone if I’m listening to music and I get a phone call. Can’t fix it until I start the phone again. Help?!

  12. crazy yanks……it’s a security fix

  13. Anybody else having trouble logging into their youtube account on the G1 after this update?

  14. My phone was getting pretty slow, and really laggy.

    After this update was installed, it’s super fast again.

    What’s up with that?

  15. Yeah now that you mention it the auto rotate does seem to be a bit quicker. But now that I updated mobile youporn doesn’t work on my phone anymore. What’s up with that? Has this happened to anyone else?

  16. CLopez: I have that on my normal cupcake A1DP. Bluetooth streaming music to headset works sort-of (lots of cut-outs, likely badly placed antenna), but after having received a call it’s 50-50 whether it will play through the headset again or through the phone speaker …

  17. Over at xda someone has compiled a list of everything this update does. It mostly just patches all of the standard apps, and changes the framework a little bit it seems.

  18. The only difference Ive seen is that I cant stream video from some sites now. WTH?

  19. Yea this security update was ass. Because now I can go into profiles on facebook.it gives me som generic page. I might have to reinstall the cupcake update and then see if it puts me back to where I was before this dumb DOWNdate. Wtf tmobile. Damn apple is looking good right now.

  20. Yeah, it doesn’t stream videos anymore. Looks like Tmobile doesn’t want people by taking up bandwith by watching porn. Not a big deal, but yeah…some may say it sucks. And I also liked showing off the feature.

  21. I can no longer stream from youporn after update, how can I undo this update?

  22. It’s good to be root. Another reason to root your phone. Im glad I did.

  23. How do I root my phone and/or un-update it? Why can I no longer stream videos?!

  24. Can’t stream video anymore either AND my phone gets hung-up while downloading/updating applications from the marketplace. WTF TMO?

  25. Cannot stream videos…how can we undo the update

  26. I want my youporn back. I shoulda got a friggin I phone!!

  27. I want to uninstall the new version, because I can’t stream videos help….

  28. since the update youporn is a thing of the past lol. you were still able to press and hold the link to save it and it would downlaod it and playable, now thats gone. android killed the pornstar.

  29. Bull shit, nobody knows how to undo the new update or take the block off streaming videos. wtf, I am not impressed.

  30. Just wondering if anyone with a Rogers HTC magic got this update

  31. I want my Youporn BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Download the steel browser from app market and you can download videos from youporn onto ur phone and wotch them like that.

  33. just downloaded the steel browser thanks manny.it dosent have a search box. wait…… nope dosent work

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