HTC Hero Flying To UK July 21st?


Plenty of mobile enthusiasts are hot on the trail of the HTC Hero and we too are wondering when it will make its first appearance on the shelves. The latest information is pointing towards July 21st or thereabouts:


HTC and exclusive networks Orange and T-Mobile are remaining tight lipped, but the first chink of light has emerged from the retailer Cleverkit, which claims it will have the phone in stock by Tuesday 21st July. SIM-free and unlocked for £439

This comes from T3 who sound equally optimistic about the HTC Hero being the absolute best mobile phone on the market when it launches later this month… regardless of what date it ends up being.

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  1. OMFG… 700 bucks!? Did I convert that right? Holy carp…

  2. Am I getting it all wrong or the Hero will NOT be an android phone?
    Because lately that’s all everybody’s talking about here..Please clarify

  3. That seems reasonable. Unlocked iphones sell for 900 on ebay when they first come out.

  4. Got word today from the store about my preordered Hero… after delaying it once already, from 10th of july to the 17th, now they think it will not be in before the 24th here in Holland.

  5. >>Am I getting it all wrong or the Hero will NOT be an
    >>android phone?
    >>Because lately that’s all everybody’s talking about
    >>here..Please clarify

    The Hero is an android phone. HTC have just put some extensions on the base android operating system (namely HTC sense).

  6. 711.44 to be exact, screw that.

  7. Spoke to T-Mobile both instore and through ‘150’, confirmed to me that the UK release was July 17th (i.e. Friday) pre-ordering mine today!

  8. What is the nam of the hour/weather widget on the desktop? pretty cool. I want it for my HTC Magic.
    Hope you can help.


  9. From what I’ve seen on YouTube, you hold down on the home screen till the widget screen comes up > HTC widgets > Weather/Time.

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