Galaxy Launched in Germany


samsung-i7500-pressHTC didn’t get more than 24 hours to bask in the spotlight of all the Hero talk before Samsung dropped its “suck-it” bomb and launched the Galaxy. With the hotly anticipated phone now available for less than $100US and carried by O2 in Germany, denizens of Deutschland can turn their noses up at the other Android phones that will end up in the bargain bin of “Hans’ Carwash and Gift Shop”.

With the specifications on this phone topping any that has been released to date and a hard drive that finally turns megabytes into gigabytes; the I7500 will, no doubt, be sitting on the Android throne far into the foreseeable future.

My attempts to reach O2 Germany were met with a futile end as it seems I’m not the only one clamoring to get a glimpse of the phone on their website.

[via Engadget Mobile | Thanks, Carlos!]

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  1. wow yes lets see
    1- when will this be rooted
    2- become available here in dubai
    3- have full sense in it

    i mean hykuro the official sense is out when will u release a full version of the sense please asap

    the hardware here is definitely better than the hero
    but hero interface is soo much better

  2. time to update phone section of the site eh?

    im so glad android is kicking ass and taking names

  3. Please move this across the border into the Netherlands FAST :D

  4. there you go :)$part=Productcatalog.content.detailView&hardwareId=4510 090096 00&commercializationId=NewCustomerWebshopPostpaid&tariffId=O-ACT-H

  5. Looks really awesome. But I’m still waiting for an android phone with nVidia Tegra…

  6. It’s NOT realeased in Germany!!!
    When you press te “Direkt zur Kasse” (Direct to check-out) button, You get a page that says that the product is not available. You can leave your email, if you want a update when it’s available.

  7. I am still having a hard time trying to figure out whether or not this phone has a compass. Anyone knows for sure? Oh, and is this a “Powered by Google” phone?

  8. I agree with Wubinator. Can I haz phone, plx? ^_^

    I am so happy that a lot of new devices are coming out with Android. I read about some netbooks that will be carrying it as well. Go Android!

  9. The hardware it’s not that better than the hero. The only thing i see that galaxy is better it’s on the screen… For the rest of the hardware they are the same…

  10. if you click on buy it’s still not available
    but I’m happy that we are the first to get the galaxy

  11. It’s not THAT much better than the Dream/Magic, it even has less RAM. Which is kinda awkward IMHO. And I’d want it to have a better processor as well…

  12. but when is it coming to the UK i realy want this phone but 02 who i think will sell it here will not give any details abotu it.

  13. The pain of living in a country with no Android phone availability is getting too much. Please roll out as quick as possible!

  14. I think it’s far better than G1/Magic considering 5MP, AMOLED, 3.5″ Jack etc. Maybe not the core though.

    And – and I wonder noone mentioned it before – you can get it for a lot less than the first two phones.

    If you’re a student, you just have to pay 30 Euro a month with internet flat and 100 free minutes inclusive + 70 Euro for the phone once.
    Compare it to T-Mobile with about 50 Euro per month..

  15. heard it had only 128mb ram is that true? if so why would they do that?

  16. Ugh, man i want the galaxy. I saw the screen compared to the Magic/ion, and wow it was gorgeous. But the hero, its awesome too!
    I hate choices. I could always just get both and switch sims… but thats too much of a hassle.

  17. Tell me something, can the Galazy owners expect the Sense IU to be available in the samsung mobile? Even getting it from alternative ways, like root access?

  18. good good, O2 germany have set an example, now i hope O2 UK will follow suit

  19. Can someone tell me if the Galaxy supports Flash ? And if it doesn’t, maybe with a future software upgrade ?

  20. my guess is that of course the sense rom will be available. might need root but whatever, it will come out soon enough. really its already out as the g3 hero ui, just not perfect yet.

  21. Looks really awesome. But I’m still waiting for an android phone with nVidia Tegra…

    Yup same here.

  22. Uhhh….have u been reading the news? nVidia said that they changed their minds about Android. There will be no Android phones with Tegra anytime soon.

  23. The full specs are now available at

  24. Ger, my impression was that nVidia said they preferred Windows CE over Android for *netbooks*.

  25. @Jerome
    There’s no flash support yet but there “should” be sometime in October or something

  26. There is flash support. It has an LED flash.

  27. James ! By FLASH i think Maj meant the possibility of viewing webpages in flash. Would love to see this feature on the Galaxy. I’d definetly buy it as soon as it’s available.

  28. @Maj,
    There is flash support allready on htc hero…

  29. Hey Ahmed, good to know finally someone in Dubai showing interest on an android based phone! I’m guessing we would really not have an official release considering the fact that the G1 or any android based phone is yet to make a official release. I have heard about Sharaf stocking on some unlocked G1’s earlier this year, but none the last time i checked. Maybe samsung would just release this one here the old fashioned way without keep ties to a certain operator. Keep your fingers crossed!

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