Flash Demo’d on HTC Hero


Adrian Ludwig demonstrates Flash on the HTC Hero, browsing websites that have Flash content; and I have to say, it looks good.

He starts at Yahoo! Movies, and loads up a trailer for Transformers 2. A good call with anything involving Megan Fox(y). He demonstrates that double tapping on a video brings it up into full screen mode, for full screen Megan goodness. He then demos a game or two just for flavoring and a heads over to Expedia.

Click to Watch the Video

[Thanks, longhairedsi]

Tyler Miller

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  1. The Hero has multi-touch? Awesome!

  2. Looks good! wonder how the battery will handle it…

  3. double tap is not multitouch. Think along the lines of double click; 2 rapid taps in succession. Multitouch would be the ability to use both fingers as input at the same time. Incidentally, I think this the the perfect (possibly only) use for multitouch: simply put to fingers on the screen and spread them apart to indicate scaling the viewport.

  4. solid: Did you watch the video? He does indeed zoom in/out on a webpage with two fingers, just like on iphone. :)

  5. solid, in the video that guy used Multi-touch (two fingers) to ZOOM IN, watch video carefully. That’s awesome. Can’t wait to get multi-touch on my phone.

  6. he used multi touch to zoom in and out.

  7. solid,
    The expedia.com demo in the very middle of the video, certainly looks like multi-touch zooming. Commenting on that observation was the only reason I came out of Google Reader to the website. If this feature stays on the phone, are we going to have a patent war? If you like the nitty-gritty legalese, based on Palm’s use of multi-touch check out this article from gizmodo http://gizmodo.com/5142445/dissecting-apples-multitouch-patent-can-it-stop-palm

  8. Wow. Four people really required to tell solid that there was multi-touching in the video. Don’t people read previous comments?

  9. wait, did he do a multitouch zoom in the video?

  10. Oh I just saw everyone’s comments. damn.

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