Jun 24th, 2009

About six months ago the rumors of an Agora made Android phone began swirling the internet, filling our nose with the sweet, sweet scent of of fatty touch screens and full, portrait, keyboards. Then about two weeks later, it died; I mean, went to live upstate with a nice family on a big farm where it could run and play in the river with all the other Android phones that would never be.

And now she’s back. Teasing us with little more than “haha, gotcha!”, founder Ruslan Kogan said that there would be several providers launching Android based phones after the “industry red tape” has been cleared.

“A major company that doesn’t want us to release [the Android phone] is creating red tape… others expect that this will clear and are looking to release by the end of this year ,” Kogan told Computerworld.

I smell drama in the mobile world, and a sitcom!

[via Tech World | Thanks, Crapulon]

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