Jun 22nd, 2009

Ever since the HTC Magic hit Europe we’ve been waiting for T-Mobile USA to get the goods. After making a quick appearance as the Google Ion at Google I/O, the T-Mobile MyTouch 3G is finally official for T-Mobile USA! You can check out the official site at http://T-MobileMyTouch.com:


So what is different about the MyTouch 3G compared to the Magic and Ion? Not all that much – more all intents and purposes they are the same phone but there are a couple key differences:

  • Focus on UI customization in the form of themes, wallpapers and icons
  • Sherpa – called an “exclusive app” – learns your search pattern to anticipate your preferences for local shops, restaurants and more
  • Available in Black, White AND Merlot


And those are just about the only differences. The MyTouch 3G will be available in early August for $199.99 on a 2-year contract but current T-Mobile customers will have the priveldge of pre-ordering the phone on July 8th.

How many folks out there are itching to get their hands on this?

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