Spotify: Upcoming Android App For Streaming Music


spotify-logoSpotify has similar aspirations to many streaming music apps/sites/companies: “Our dream is to let everyone listen to whatever they want, whenever and wherever they want.” They’ve got a great start – the application can download songs in advance so that if you lose a data connection, the sense of “streaming” is never interrupted:

The company is displaying their wares at Google I/O 2009 but don’t get TOO excited just yet:

  • Their website explains that Spotify is not yet available in the United States due to legal concerns
  • The Android Application is only in alpha

Spotify also has a desktop client enabling you to sync what appears on your desktop and on your phone, instantaneously.


Spotify is free, supported by in app/client advertising although you can purchase subscriptions to have advertising removed – nice touch. Their website says there aren’t any announcements coming in the immediate future, we might learn a little more via Google I/O and we’ll keep you posted!

[Spotify via Feber.se]

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  1. They’re -> Their

  2. From an European and user of Spotify for a few months just wanted to say the software is impressive. It uses p2p technology to streamline music very fast, has a vast library (increasing) and it’s legal (ad supported or payed). They’ve created something that is BETTER than privacy, hence removing its incentive. Porting it to Android is just awesome.

  3. I read an interview with the spotify guy someplace where he said that any mobile version of Spotify would only be available to the paid members.

  4. @Gav. Yeah, thats correct. All mobile versions of Spotify will cost. But for once I actually think its worth it. Listening to whatever I want both at home and on my phone for like 10 dollars/month sounds like a pretty done deal.

  5. I hope it has shoutcast, all my favorite stations are on shoutcast (128bit – MP3/ACC+) :)


  7. sounds a lot like Rdio…which is already up and running in the US. $5/mo for desktop play or $10/mo for mobile access. I love it so far and no longer have to purchase individual albums/tracks.

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