Google I/O Intro Video (WTF)


If you missed the first day of Google I/O you missed a lot of great stuff. One of them, although informationless for the most part, was certainly entertaining – the Keynote Introduction Video:

The first time I watched it I was just like wait “Wait, what is happening,” and then a bunch of horses run across the screen and I’m just like “WTF”. Of course all of this is happening within the confines of a Google Chrome Web Browser and the abstract nature of it provides the entertainment value – I get it. The video is just kind of… crazy. But don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it.

The song was great as well and for those interested:

  • Song: Falling
  • Artist: Krylyn
  • Album: Into The Fire

Seemed a tad bit long but hey, I’m an impatient son-of-a-gun and overall a pretty cool intro.

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  1. That was my exact reaction when I first saw it.
    They must be smoking something good down at Googleplex. :P

  2. I thought the coolest part was when the Google homepage fell apart.

  3. These work in other browsers as well and can all be found at http://chromeexperiments.com it is a showcase for people to create crazy HTML5, CSS, Javascript creations. You get to play with them yourselves aswell on that site. Word of warning though if your at work you will end up wasting a lot of time looking at all of it. Latest Mozilla or Chrome recommended =o

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