HTC Lancaster Coming To AT&T In August


Take the general exterior look and feel of the HTC Magic, add a slide-out keyboard in the same vein as the HTC Touch Pro and what do you have? The HTC Lancaster – AT&T’s first Android Phone scheduled to launch on August 3rd.


Yup, AT&T… (just in case you thought that was a typo). In February AT&T’s CEO still seemed guarded, revealing very little about AT&T’s approach to Android except to say that it looks interesting, isn’t open enough yet and they were concerned about malware. I assume those concerns were alleviated. Move over iPhone, you’ve got company!


The above slide is an internal AT&T document leaked by Engadget. It reveals pretty much all we could ask for out of a leak of this size… and this IS a huge leak ladies and gents. Especially for AT&T service wielding folks with a bitter dislike of the iPhone, whom for one reason or another, there are plenty of. But back to the main show – specs of the HTC Lancaster:

  • 3MP Camera (digital zoom)
  • Bluetooth 2.0
  • USB 2.0
  • 2.8″ QVGA screen
  • 240 x 320 pixel
  • 1,350 mAh Battery
  • Tri-band EDGE
  • 850/1900 MHz  HSPA
  • AGPS

A few other noteworthy items are a “unique HTC Social Messaging User Interface” and a notice that “Initial Lab Entry dates were based on Google Mobile Services (GMS) UI. AT&T standard UI has been requested, which puts schedule in question.” So August 3rd could be considered a best case scenario with a delay of some sort more than likely. I’m not too sure I’m very excited for an AT&T UI on Android, whatever that might mean, but I’ll try to remain open minded.

The specs themselves aren’t too stellar and AT&T would most likely position the HTC Lancaster as the perfect phone for people who want the capabilities of the iPhone without the price. That might work out pretty darn well when you think about. So think about it… and let us know what you think!

Rob Jackson
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  1. The keyboard is quite similar to the one in Tytn devices. I’m not a fan of that one, I’d rather have the one in the Dream device.

    Also the battery isn’t much and the screen is small both in size and resolution. I guess I’ll keep both my Dream and Magic for now.

  2. So its just the HTC Magic with a slide-out keyboard?

    Will this phone be coming out in the UK?

  3. @Adrian: I’m a heavy Kaiser (Tytn 2) keyboard user and I guess I’m going for a G1 soon…are those keyboards not very similar then?

    @Jake: think so :(

    I “hate” those good looking Android phones without hardware keyboard. After waiting for a beautiful phone with keyboard I feel like going for a G1 after all. Not that I care that much about looks but as a gadget freak I feel like the G1 is old. :D

    And there even isn’t a single Android device available here in Belgium. :/ No idea about how it is in the uk.

  4. It’s this or the Samsung i7500 for me.
    I love the fact it has a keyboard, but is that worth giving up the bigger and better (AMOLED) screen, 8GB of memory, the 5 megapixel camera and the 3.5mm port? I dont know.

    I guess i have time to make my mind up.

  5. OMG… We want a better phone than Dream, not a worse one. It looks so great, but 2.8″ 240 x 320 pixel screen? What the hell is that? It`s not a magic with keyboard. The screen is really a disappointment.

  6. Sigh, it looks great, but that QVGA resolution is really killing me.

  7. Yeah… Windows mobile devices are increasing display resolution, android devices are decreasing… WTF?

  8. The Good:
    Android on AT&T
    Slightly sexier Android design

    The Bad:
    4 row keyboard
    Camera has digital zoom
    Screen seems smaller
    trackball instead of dpad

  9. 2.8 screen is TOO SMALL. And the resolution just won’t work. Screw this.

  10. Andrex is right – QVGA resolution? C’mon.:((

    2.8 inch ain’t gonna make me buy it.

    Iphone screen size is 3.5 inch. And I want at least 3.5 inches or more!!!!!

  11. Obviously not the phone for everyone… QVGA, no wifi, no 3G. Of course none of us geeks on phandroid would consider buying a phone like that, but I imagine that if the price were right, there are still a lot of less-geeky folks out there who don’t know the difference and wouldn’t mind a phone like that. That’s the great thing about Android, it doesn’t only have to cater to the power users. They can make Android devices for any demographic. So while it is certainly lack-luster and I wouldn’t buy one, it still makes me happy to see another market targeted by an Android device.

  12. True… Iphone has bigger screen, WinMobile better resolution… Adn what HTC does is make the screen smaller and resolution worse… Clap, clap, clap… Bravo!

  13. …………….screw it, I’m just gonna get the G1. I didn’t really want to pay early termination fees but if this is all that AT&T is offering than I’m on my way to t-mobile. I could get around with no wifi but no 3G is just too much. Besides I’ll have my choice of either the G1 or the updated version, though if it doesn’t come with at least a 4 row keyboard and a trackball then count me out lol.

  14. Sigh, it looks great, but that QVGA resolution is really killing me.

  15. For all the downsides of the iPhone, I cant get over the fact that I cant just plug the G1 into my stereo and play my music over the radio without an adapter. I also cant play my audible.com through the G1. This makes the phone worthless to me. And I am a huge user of gmail, gcalendar, gtalk, etc. Until those things get fixed I will own the iPhone all day. And you all sound like jealous fan-boys when you insult the best smartphone out there. Also, have you noticed that the G1 apps are severely lacking compared to the iPhones?

  16. it’s the Memphis! but not nearly as packed as I thought it would. hopefully other versions of the memphis are not limited to these specs.

  17. Oh and it does have “3G” but slightly faster HSDPA, 850 and 1900 frequency.

  18. My best friend has AT&T and today he confessed to me that I talk sooo much about Android that I converted him. He wants an Android phone!! He would be upgrading from an LG Shine, so this would be awesome for him.

    But IMO, boo on the crappy screen. :P

  19. TO: AT&T Executives


  20. mm.. too bad

    i probably wouldn’t have bought this one (too small) – but you gotta admit, it sure looks good!

    sorry to see it go – the more stars in the android constellation the better

  21. :-( very sad.

    I had hoped to find a new Android Phone with keyboard. With the announcement of the end of the G1’s OS updates, I’m going to need a new phone soon. I _require_ a physical keyboard, so the Magic, the Hero, the Galaxy, etc., are all non-contenders.

    That left:
    The Lancaster (not great, but at least it’s GSM)
    The Motorola Sholes (Verizon, icky)
    The Motorola Morrison (looks like a kiddy phone)

    And now … just the two motorola phones.

    Suddenly, the N900 is looking better and better.

  22. I had been holding out for this, hoping, waiting… I really prefer to stick with AT&T, I’m tired of my Blackberry and really wanted an Android phone with a physical keyboard. Went so far as to consider the complexity of using an unlocked G1, but that didn’t seem wise.

    So… I either cave in on the keyboard and go with an iPhone (which my wife has and I have to admit is very nice), or I hold out a couple more months and maybe switch to Verizon with the Motorola Scholes when available. I travel all across the U.S. and Canada and T-Mobile just isn’t a viable network. I’d take the Palm Pre in a second, but I won’t suffer Sprint either. Arggg… what a bunch of lousy options.

  23. Well here’s something interesting, my AT&T rep where I work told me this phone was canceled at Apple’s request. They pretty much said to them “you want the exclusive on our phone, then no Android.” So it may be a while before we see any Android on AT&T.

  24. whoa!^^^
    no kidding??

  25. (ohhh – meant that to be a surprised face, not a happy face)

    but seriously, i wonder if that’s a good thing or a bad thing – the fact that apple is quashing androids on att

    what’s next – will apple not allow android devices to access itunes??

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