Rogers HTC Dream & Magic Have Exchange Support


Canadian Android fans have been waiting… and waiting… and waiting…  for an Android Phone to launch in their neck of the woods. On June 2nd that wait will be over as Rogers Wireless will make the HTC Dream and HTC Magic available to its customers and that patient waiting… and waiting… will be further rewarded: Rogers HTC Dream and Magic phones have Microsoft Exchange Support.


We learned this through the EngadgetMobile unboxing unsafing yesterday. The phone showed up on their porch in, you guessed it, a safe:


Because the base Google Android Code does not support Exchange and HTC/Rogers altered Android to incorporate this feature, it is not considered a “Google Experience” phone and therefore does not have google branding on it. But don’t fret – it still has all the Google goodies that have come to make Android your favorite mobile operating system.


We’ve heard prices ranging from $149.99 to $199.99 and you can assume that the actual price will end up being somewhere in that window. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Dream was a little cheaper at a launch but personally, I would still take the Dream over the Magic even if it was the Dream that was more expensive. But I’m a hardware keyboard kinda guy so… yeah.

This has to make Canadians happy, eh?

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  1. Interesting. I wonder whats the licensing with MS on that. You’d think T-Mo would go ahead and add this.

  2. Rob,
    The “eh” joke’s funny-factor was only there when Celine Dion was relevent in popular music. It’s aboot time you stopped using it.

  3. Happy, Happy :) … I just hope i don’t get locked in to a long term contract as there are some new phones like the Big foot that look like fun!
    Also Rogers rapes its customers for data plans. :|

  4. I need it for my work! Google, please add this functionality. Only then it will be a killer able to take down BlackBerry and Windows Mobile…

  5. I spoke to a T-Mobile rep and my local store (Michigan), and he said that exchange support was indeed coming to their Android phones.

  6. @ Phil: I think M$ opened the exchange info to be available via XML feeds for all third party apps… so I guess this might be possible without too much licensing troubles.

    Microsoft Exchange Support -> Does this mean you can use the standard (Google) calendar application in the phone to receive agenda updates that are pushed by the exchange server?

  7. i am soooo pissed rogers finnaly puts out a phone thats not 3 years old and its my first gsm buy from another country. i got the dream to have a diff phone then 99% of people now every one has it. fckin eh.

  8. Problem is, numerous and much more beautiful android phones are coming soon..

    no point in buying these.

    I’d like a 850Mhz HSPA i7500 (doesn’t exist) or a Lancaster (supports 850 native) =D those both look reeeeal nice =D

  9. how do I get exchange support on my g1?

  10. Damn Rogers! It’s already bad enough that I’ll be ripped off by Rogers for three years, but they will be devaluing my phone with the evil Rogers logo instead of the good old Google logo. I don’t give a damn for the Exchange support. Good on Google and the Open Handset Alliance for not supporting Exchange. I can’t wait for more GSM providers come to Canada and then I’ll never ever use a Rogers service again!

  11. what is andriod?? what does it do for the htc dream exactly??? does ne one know? does it do special things or what??? i cant seem to find a simple lamen’s terms answer….
    ANY ONE KNOW????

  12. Android is the OS (Operating System), Similar to Windows Mobile and Symbian.

    there should be tons of articles on Android. It’s much more stabler than windows mobile/CE.

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