Panasonic Android Phone Could Come In 2010


You can add one more globally reputable electronics manufacturer to the Android train… Panasonic. At a press conference discussing their mobile phone plans for the Summer of 2009, Panasonic introduced 6 new phones for NTT DoCoMo and Softbank Mobile, but it was their announcement about Android that has analysts the most excited.


“We are seriously considering developing an Android-based handset and entering overseas mobile phone markets in fiscal 2010,” said Keisuke Ishii, board member and director of the Mobile Terminal Business Unit at Panasonic Mobile Communications Co Ltd.

He continued, providing an impressive number of potential Android’s in the market:

“The global market for smartphones based on open source platforms including Android will reach 100 million units in three years,” Ishii said. “We are discussing specific measures to succeed in such a large market.”

Obviously Panasonic wants a piece of that pie. Where will they launch their new Android Phone? It is too early to tell but the Japanese based company plans to sell the phones “overseas”:

“We will take an opportunity to explain our overseas business plans for next year in detail though we cannot disclose them today,” Ishii said. Regarding detailed specifications and target regions, he only said, “We have not determined anything yet.”

Hopefully that means United States… and of course wherever you are from.

[Via Tech-On]

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  1. Well… Who cares about Panasonic? In 2010, all phandroids will already have their phones and Panasonic will have to find a really new features to beat the marketshare of HTC and Samsung, who has overtaken him. I mean, yeah, nech Android phone, but 2010? Android mania will be over and the competition on the market of Androids will be high.

  2. I agree … they will be late to the party to capture any real market share. Unless their product is a level above any of the competitors.

  3. Panasonic has a history of making well built, solid, dependable electronics. I can’t wait to see what they’ve got.

  4. I agree with Josh — everything Panasonic I have ever
    owned has been of exceptional quality. Therefore, when
    and if a Panasonic Android phone hits the market, I would definitely give it a close look.

  5. Yes! This is good news for all. Panasonic makes excellent products. Sony and Panny have been top of the line and i will chose Panasonic over Sony most of the time. They give you more features than Sony for a lower price.

    Go Panasonic. Go Android.

  6. ya, obviously a toughbook hardened android phone will be a home run, once everyone gets back to work. let me tell you right now, an unlocked toughphone will be an enormous smash hit, with me at least.

  7. Can’t wait to see (and buy, obviously) a Panasonic phone! They’ve been discontinued for ages here… And I always wanted to own one (I like to own things from the same brand all across the house — that would go along nicely with my Viera TV and BD player). Go, Panasonic! Put Sony-Ericsson aside with some top-notch Android phones!

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