May 20th, 2009 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 4:28 pm

The same folks who brought us news of the T-Mobile G1 Bigfoot and Samsung Houdini have whipped up another batch of rumor sweetness, unveiling the Motorola Morrison from T-Mobile’s Android chart:


Remember all that fuss about whether the G1 Bigfoot was made by HTC, Samsung or Motorola? I think its safe to say that these are different phones with very similar form factors. Zooming in on the “chart” doesn’t help much but nonetheless:


Clearly a touchscreen device with a slide-out, 3-row QWERTY keyboard. Beyond that its hard to say – it looks like a trackball might be intact but how many Motos have trackballs? More likely a D-Pad but trackball would be a nice change. Details are few and far between besides the suggested timeframe of November 4th through December 31st but don’t worry… we’ll bring you any breaking news as it comes across our desk.

So take a look at what we’re “waiting on” and have heard about for Android:

  • Samsung Houdini
  • Motorola Morrison
  • HTC Magic/G2
  • T-Mobile G1 Bigfoot
  • Huawei (T-Mobile G3?)
  • Motorola Ironman

Keep them coming… we like where this is going.

[Via TmoToday – Thanks Joe!]

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