T-Mobile USA: Android 1.5 (Cupcake) Coming Next Week!


Now it is DEFINITELY official. Dominic from the official T-Mobile forums has posted a Cupcake Announcement that indicates Android 1.5  – more endearingly called “Cupcake” – will start rolling out late next week!


A couple things I’d like to point out:

  1. The updates will START late next week but won’t be FINISHED until the END of May. So if you don’t get your Cupcake it isn’t some huge conspiracy theory and everyone else isn’t lying… you’re just further down the list and they haven’t gotten to you quite yet. Patience is a virtue.
  2. I realize that Phandroid has been dominated by Cupcake posts recently – sorry ’bout it. If this irritates you as much as all the billions of posts/articles about Twitter across the interwebz, I feel your pain. Hopefully we can get the Cupcake update, discuss it in the Android Forums, and leave the main site for bigger and better things as the Cupcake drama is nearly exhausted and climaxed.

Start the countdown to “late next week” – whenever that may be – and I’ll meet you there!

[Via T-Mobile Forums]

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Android 1.5 Release Video

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  1. Here we go again.

  2. Wat! How com i dont gotten it yet! dont post lies! i havnt gotten teh update @ all!!!

    Sorry about that. Lost my head for a moment. If anyone needs me, I’ll be drinking until the update hits Alabama.

  3. So what does this mean for people with unlocked G1s on other networks…will we still be able to get the update somehow?

  4. The END of May? Rofl. Someone needs a new way to distribute their dataz I think.

  5. Cupcake? That’s old news already, wait till you guys see what is in the “Chocolate Cookie” update!

    just kidding :)

  6. all 3G people will probably get it that weekend. They only say until the end of may to cover their ass because it can take a while to get to 2G people.

  7. oh god im so ready lol hopefully das RERALLL cuz ive been mad patient

  8. Man there are a bunch of impatient people out there. You will get it this month…it is not the end of the world. Is it really going to make your life that much better that you have cupcake. If you want it so bad root your phone and put the update on yourself….or shut it.

  9. @nathan… no… I dont think so… I think that they are going to do it in regions like the 1.1 update… i got the 1.1 update on the second day it was out… and down here in southern texas… there is no 3G… only EDGE and GPRS… Lets see who gets it first! :)… and finally… an update that I have been waiting for for bout 4 months… I’m so happy!!! :D… I just want to go up to random people and hug them… if you live in south texas and you see a random guy just hugging random people… thats me :)…

  10. Just a thought.. The CDB (Cupcake Development Branch) will still exist after this update.

    So what will we call future updates? Will they be cupcake as well? Or do we have to start going through flavors?

    This is what happens when citizen journalists (aka Bloggers) don’t bother to correct misinformation. At least they’re mentioning that it’s 1.5, that will help some.

  11. I’m not going to be one who gets excited over stuff that this phone should have had off the shelves. But I amhappy that the features are going to be installed to make this phone absolutely legit. Now where’s the news about the battery life

  12. After I downgraded my phone last week because of hasty post you guys did, and then took the remaining afternoon to get my phone rooted again, I just decided to go with the JF 1.5 ADP release. Tired of waiting for TMO to just come out with it in the US. Also, when is the next podcast; can’t wait to hear Rob struggle through another cast with concepts and technology he obviously knows nothing about.

  13. hehe.. Phandroid without Cupcake is going to be like The Daily Show without an election. Don’t worry guys, I believe in you. There will always be rumors.

    I shouldn’t get on to you about that though… you guys do a great job at this. Keep it up.

  14. I wouldn’t get too excited. This message was originally posted on April 25th. So, the “end of next week” has already come and gone.

    See the post [ Here ].

    BUT, the thread was also edited on May 6th (today), so, maybe there’s still hope.

    Unfortunately, the “end of next week” is a pretty vague term to begin with. End of who’s next week? The UK’s next week? Zimbabwe’s next week? And what is “next” week, the week right after this week? The week after this coming week? Who knows.

    As exciting as all of this sounds, I’m not ready to jiz in my pants just yet. I’m as excited as the next guy to get this update, but until then, I’m going to enjoy my already freakin’ awesome phone.

  15. Ok I really do believe this but i’m not going to hold my breath but if tmobile says its going to come out late next week then I believe them.

  16. I guess ur informant last week was full of ish…so the fact that he did have a devolper phone made a difference..

  17. Joe, if you would follow the link provided and do some searching on Dom’s post you would see that, contained in the FAQ post, that the OTA update will begin the week of May 11th. Considering that the message was directed at the G1 customers in the USA, I highly doubt that we would need to worry about Tmobile running operations based on Zimbabwe’s week (like that even makes any sense anyway).

  18. Man, whoever tipped Rob off to this awesome bit of news has got to be like the most handsome person ever born!

  19. Lmaoo to the dude who said lets see who gets it first.. 2g and edge are going to get it last 3g is going to get it first who ever has 2g or edge should add another week to that already late next week so ya’ll wait til late in the next 2 weeks.. Or just come out to some place where they got 3G for a week nd ur good =]

  20. Oh well finally! Thank you T-Mobile. :)

  21. well regions sounds good too.

    last update it think i got the day of or the next day after it was announced. i know it was within 48 hours at least

    hopefully will be the same for cupcake i can wait another week. Just go see star trek 5 times lol.

  22. When I called T-Mobile really early on May 6th, the person on the phone told me that the OTA update was pushed to developer phones in order to allow them to test and repair applications before pushing the update out to the rest of us. I will wait instead of rooting, just to be on the safe-side, and maybe learn some patience.

  23. It is long over due but I have been excited before. I think this time I will just wait and see and if it happens..great…if it does not happen, I have learned to live and deal with the short comings of my G1 and I will just hope that they get it right with the next generation device.

    That said…….

    The one thing that will make me want to throw in the towel is if TMOBO does not get going with the 3G network roll out. There has been to many empty promises in that area and they are direct from TMOBO not just the on going rumor mill we deal with on these firmware updates.

    SO PLEASE TMOBO……Give me the network I PAY FOR!!!!!!

  24. Woke up to a cupcake offer this morning in The Netherlands. Thoroughly enjoying the faster cam and video support!

  25. Next week sounds plausible, tmo started ota updates of cupcake last monday in the Netherlands, USA won’t follow much later, I guess…

  26. I second statement #2.

  27. Hey Thanks Gil. Great find! I guess I spoke too soon.

  28. I am a little confused about the bluetooth will I be able to send ringtones and pictures to people through bluetooth or will it just be the same as it is now.

  29. @Bflame7….i think what ur talking about is beaming…once again thats an hardware issue…so i think itll be the same as now….

  30. @Rakem – Rumours have been going that after the new radio update in Cupcake, battery life improves by about 20% and oddly, so does cellular signal…

    @alex – Was that a reference to Handsome Rob (Jason Statham) from the 2003 remake of the Italian Job? …Just askin :P

    @Bflame7 & @rakem – It’s not beaming, it’s called OBEX (Bluetooth File Transfer) which is one of the possible bluetooth profiles (like A2DP (Stereo Bluetooth), DUN, and a few others that you might not know). It is very possible for Google/Android to add this *WITHOUT* hardware changes, but who knows…They may add it in 2.0, they may not. I can fully understand it not being in 1.0/1.1/1.5 though…Bluetooth is one of the things that was finished at the last minute on Android 1.0/1.1 so they at least had to add the second most popular spec and some cleanups in Cupcake…

  31. I got my OTA cupcake update a few hours ago (T-Mobile NL, G1)
    It looks pretty good, onscreen keyboard ain’t that bad. Also Dutch is a supported locale in 1.5

  32. @Joe no prob :D

    I can’t believe more people aren’t excited about the A2DP support, it won’t even bother me if they never include a 3.5mm jack on upcoming phones again :)

  33. Yeah I got this from twitter, it IS going to happen, you just have to wait it out, stop being lazy and actually go to the site your self and read the FAQs and get the answers for your self.

    If you already have a rooted phone and put the 1.5 on your self you will NOT get the update because the service will already see your phone running it.

  34. Yeah I got this from twitter, it IS going to happen, you just have to wait it out, stop being lazy and actually go to the site your self and read the FAQs and get the answers for your self.

    If you already have a rooted phone and put the 1.5 on your self you will NOT get the update because the service will already see your phone running it.

    Btw, I have not gotten cupcake yet and I’m in sacramento, ca.

  35. Do we know if it will come faster over wifi because last update I hooked it up to wifi and got it the same day but no 3g where I am. So does wifi effect it or is it random?

  36. I’m 40yo and I havn’t been this excited over a cupcake. I’ve tried explain all the fuss to my wife and all she does is say “yes dear”. I’ve did all the g1 demands extended battery, limited apps and gave away my beloved blackberry. I need my cupcake please…

  37. @JD thanks for clearing that up for me :) heres hoping cupcake will fix all of these problems we are having.

  38. Hell naw any 1 with rooted or unlocked g1 phones will not..I repeat will not get the latest of the android cupcake update…lol y’all fault cheap asses lmfao at all you

  39. @jmall… thats not true… they wont get the OTA update… but they can still do a manual update…

  40. Yo give me a link to prove this

  41. I’m so fing tired of this cupcake crap all I want is a2dp bluetooth. Which every other phone on the market has talk to me when flash is comming and ill be excited couldn’t care less about the other bs they put is this damn cupcake which like most sweets it has been bad for my health

  42. any further update on when would cupcake 1.5 be released in US?? not anticipating superduper stuff from it but all i expect is very basic things like bluetooth, radio etc which any basic mobile model has…

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