Samsung i7500 Hands On Video


In a hunt for more info on the Samsung i7500 I was able to dig up the below hands on video done by Daniel Tsou at Tech65.org. He gives the i7500 a thorough inspection in what is definitely the best review of Samsung’s first Android Phone to date:

And just a fun little note about the origins of the video:

This video was captured on the 44th level of The Sail @ Marina Bay; at a bloggers’ event organised by 24Seven.

I think the Samsung i7500 looks very promising – especially the 3.5mm headphone jack, AMOLED screen, camera and internal/external memory.

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  1. What I don’t like is that fact that the SD card slot must be removed by taking off the back of the phone.

  2. I love the way the screen image flips in all 4 directions. I first saw this feature in the Palm Pre presentation and would love to have it on my G1.

  3. Seems like this guy doesn’t know what he is talking about.

  4. Dammit. Am I the only one who has zero desire for any phone with no physical keyboard? Touchscreen is fine for a lot of things, but I want a foldout keyboard for messaging. Gah.

  5. So apparently “Nobody” wants a fold out keyboard…

    I am with you on that. This phone looks real nice. So does the iPhone, but I will get a Blackberry before I get a phone with no keypad on it.

  6. “So apparently “Nobody” wants a fold out keyboard…”

    LOL, didn’t think of that. Now “Everybody” wants one; :p

  7. Agreed. A phone without a physical keyboard is a non-starter for me. No keyboard is the same as teats on a bull – sure you can see them, but they serve no real purpose. Sadly, stylish = bragging rights so people would rather brag about their phone than efficiently use it.

  8. i guess i missed it…but which carrier will get this phone?

    personally i like my g1, with the keyboard and all. but samsung does make good products. so it would be interesting to see.

  9. @mjrtom

    Pretty sure this lil’ guy is going to T-mob. I have a Samsung Alias right now, and I have been really impressed with the product design/functionality. The OS is of course bunk… but I am thinking this phone will be pretty solid. Even though it’s going to T-mobile, I could see this drifting into Verizon 6 months or so after it’s initial release… because that’s just how big red rolls. It’s a shame that I am not patient enough for that.

  10. I’m with you guys on the keyboard thing. HOWEVER, there’s a phone called Nokia 5800 and it has a T9 keyboard which works great on touchscreen. Why? Because the keys are much easier to hit on the screen plus it’s familiar for newcomers. You don’t need to learn where the different letters are placed etc.

    The 5800 doesn’t have that great a touchscreen but with a phone like i7500 it should be almost as good as a normal keypad.

    No idea why they haven’t done this in android yet.

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