Samsung Capella 7200: Model Number Mystery


In every single video I’ve seen of the Samsung i7500 Android Phone the reviewer navigates to the “Settings > About Phone” area where they note that it is running Firmware version 1.5 – cupcake. Not at all interesting since this is common knowledge. But what IS interesting has previously gone unmentioned… note the “Model Number” listed above the Android OS version in the below screenshot (taken from this video):


It reads “samsung_capella7200”. What? We’ve never heard about anything named the “Capella” and there has been no mention of an Android Phone with model number 7200? So what could it mean?

  • Is this the internal codename for the Samsung i7500 that they’re using on beta devices?
  • Is it the carrier-branded name for the i7500 that will launch in some market as the Samsung Capella 7200?
  • Is it a mistake?

It’s SOMETHING. But it could be something that amounts to nothing. In any case I thought it’d be interesting to point out, and of course, get feedback from our genius readers.

Rob Jackson
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Samsung i7500 Hands On Video

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  1. NICE CATCH!!!!!

  2. Interesting as a CAPELLA is is a multiple star system containing at least 9 stars.

    So perhaps this means there will be at least 9 Android phones coming out from Samsung eventually ;)

    ,Michael Martin
    Google And Blog

  3. and and also, the first two letters of CAPELLA is CA, which might mean that it will launch in california 9 days before it releases in the rest of the world. just yanking your chain mike. :P

    nice catch though. i honestly believe that it was just the internal name used before i7500 was chosen as the official name. it wont amount to anything.

  4. Capella is the name of my aunts daughters ex husbands sisters uncles wife. Does this mean I’m going to get a FREE Samsung Capella from T-Mobile?

  5. 2Bad that this picture is from the Samsung I7500 video, check the table texture.

  6. My bad didn’t read correctly

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