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If you check out you’ll see there is a new video highlighting a bunch of the new and improved features. We thought we would share that with you here:

See that little asterisk on their site marked “Note that the actual timing of Android 1.5 availability on existing user devices will be determined by each carrier.”? Well, I think we already knew that since Phandroids in the UK and US are going crazy*. <— see THAT asterisk?

*Please hurry up T-Mobile USA, on behalf of all Phandroids hugry for Cupcakes.

There. Now you can keep the comments free of “I Want Cupcake” pleas. And last but not least, a bunch of quick bullet points as a reminder (like you haven’t already memorized it):

  • Fast, smooth typing with the on-screen virtual keyboard
  • Easy access to favorite apps, contacts, bookmarks, and more via home screen widgets and live folders
  • Video recording, playback, and sharing
  • Full web experience with enhanced browser
  • Hands-free calls and listening with stereo bluetooth
  • Lots of UI refinements and performance improvements to the overall phone experience
  • New APIs and elements to enable even more innovative apps from developers

I also just found this little bit of code on the Android site that was fun and I hadn’t seen yet:

Pretty sweet.

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  1. It’s asterisk, not asterick.

  2. Dam video won’t play

  3. It’s a bloody ripoff!

    I see in the nice video that the HTC magic can do search by voice…. Not!

    The UK vodafone version does not have the “mic” icon after the search icon. I checked the PDF manual and it says it should have it, but it’s not there.

    Is the UK version a crippled one, missing this?????

  4. They are demoing on the HTC Magic.

    They also mention the screen has haptic feedback in passing, pretty easy to miss.

  5. HTC magic on vodafone UK probably doesn’t have the mic icon because you may still be on android 1.1, check which version you have and if possible, update to 1.5 (cupcake)

  6. No, the HTC magic on vodafone UK is 100% 1.5. I’ve checked in the settings!

    So, the reality of it is that stuff hyped as being in 1.5 cupcake, actually does not even make it to the 1.5 devices!

    It’s a total joke.

  7. It seems that Search by Voice is coming only to T-mobile US!!
    Got cupcake on my G1 here in the UK and there is no Search by Voice option!
    Are they afraid of people speaking British English or what?

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