HTC Magic Debuts May 1st


htc-magicVodafone customers rejoice, as it looks like the HTC Magic, the much hyped successor to the T-Mobile G1, has its firm release date. According to the fellows over at Mobile Choice UK, May 1st is when we will be seeing the phone in the wild. Perhaps a grain of salt should be taken with this report, because as of this article it seems not even Vodafone UK knows it’s getting the Magic a little later than anticipated. While this is great news for UK customers, we still haven’t heard of any updates for the release of the Magic in Denmark.

Now for the icing on the cake. It seems that this phone is going to be free with a contract totaling at least £25 per month. And for us old guys still tapping away on our seemingly archaic G1s, this could signal the release of soft keyboard.

[via MobileChoiceUK]

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  1. Will it ever be released in the US? :(

  2. Will any android be released in Canada, … lol :|

  3. In the US, Verizon is hold by Vodafone at 45%, so they may release the Magic with that 5MP camera.

    In Canada, well, to be honest, I think we’ll have to wait a bit more. I don’t think any Fido, Rogers, Alliant or whatever release a 3G always connected device. Networks are absolutely not ready, excpeted in south of Quebec and Ontario.

  4. I really wish you wouldn’t call the G1 archaic. How long has it been since release? about 5 months now? I know the cell phone market is fast but not THAT fast. The G1 is still nice and will be for a long time. As far as the magic goes, I’ll be looking right over it until the next android device with a tactile keyboard.

  5. So i understand the may 1st euro release date, but has there been any indication of a US release date? I have t-mobile and would love to get my hands on even just some info about what quarter it will drop!

  6. While I do prefer the hard keyboard, that isn’t a reason not to get the phone, especially since I missed the bandwagon earlier. Also, the cupcakes make it better. The G1 is not archaic hardware, but it has archaic software.

    However, I am on guard for an “April Fools”…

  7. It better be an April fools, I’m waiting for this thing, rather impatiently :-(

  8. No April Fools I’m afraid. The phone has been delayed until May 1st but I’ve just heard that pre-orders will start on April 17th.

  9. Don’t worry guys, because no matter where the phone is available, you’ll always be able to get an unlocked version. I keep on seeing videos of this phone and I’m really, really anxious.

  10. It’s great that the G2 will be coming out finally.But will it take another to month for it to get the US?And will we to not have to pay for the phone?

  11. WTH is this fuss about? Who cares if the G2 ever reaches the U.S. I’ve already heard rumours that T-mobile have come to their senses about this piece of crap “google phone 2.” (so have like 80% of the G1 consumers) It’s just not worth investing in the device because there’s so much better hardware coming out in Q3 from HTC. The HTC Touch Pro 2 with Sprints 4G network and Windows mobile 7.0/6.5 will pretty much eradicate this puny, ugly, keyboardless “device”….

  12. what do you mean what is all the fuss about? android!!while HTC is comming out with some great phones in later quarters this year so far the g1 and the magic are the only android OS phones. thats what all the fuss is about while the touch pro 2 should be good (will be just like the touch pro with a tilting screen) sprint still has a LONG LONG way to go with the 4G network that they have so far only deployed in Boston. that and they are using WIFIMAX……this is just a bad idea if we look to the other major carriers you will see that tmobile, verizon, AT&T will be moving foward with LTE technology(4G) which will blow sprints “4G” network out of the water. sprint is going to try and build the new 4G network from the ground up by themselves. all i have to say is good luck. sprint is going down the drain with high churn, low postpaid customer adds the fact that they are almost broke, they are just digging their own graves going with rushed technology that no other carriers will be able to roam on and when the other carries move on to LTE forget about roaming if you have sprint…. That being said I will go back to the HTC’s. anything Windows Mobile can offer either is already available for android’s OS or is under devlopment. has any one heard of flash working on windows…no but adobe already has a beta on the G1, and when it comes to a keyboard less device drop it, advance’s in the touch screen technology is bridging the gap and the need for a physical keyboard. all they do is take up space. seeing as most phones are moving toward a keyboardless expierence. keyboards are becoming old and archaic

  13. All

    I can confirm the release date with Vodafone UK is May 1st.

    I have already pre-ordered my upgrade and have paid £6.50 to have it delivered on the 2nd which is a Saturday.

    If you do not believe me, call vodafone and pre order your phone now, as I was told I was the first!!

  14. Mr. Magic, you are requested in Canada. Please do stop by and fulfill all of our Android needs.

    Thank you.

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