Apr 1st, 2009 publishUpdated   Sep 10th, 2021, 5:13 pm

In a move to differentiate the struggling American Auto Industry from superior foreign powers, Ford & GM issued a joint Press Release that both companies would be working closely with another American powerhouse – Google – to create a line of “Android Cars”. Holy. Freaking. Crap.

The Press Release includes no details about exact models or specifications but they did include some juicy tidbits. The first iteration of Android Cars will be “Green” in two ways – they’ll be hybrid cars capable of 200+ MPG and they’ll also launch with the familiar Green from the Android Robot. Hopefully they’ll launch a Phandroid Blue vehicle as well! So what will make the Ford & GM vehicles Android in nature?


The entire car will be integrated with the Android Operating System in every way imaginable. Seats, Air Conditioning, GPS, In-Car Speakerphone, Radio, etc… all seamless between your Android Device and your car. Back seat head rests will be outfitted with Android Netbook screens and separate bluetooth keyboards will be safely tucked away in the seat pocket as an accessory -PURE WIN. And get this – Google will work with Clearwire’s 4G network to provide blazing fast wireless speeds from mostly anywhere in the nation by the time the vehicle’s launch – early 2010!!!

But those are just the basics. According to one anonymous but credible source, Ford & GM are working on a joint proprietary technology that would interface with Android’s GPS technology and Google’s overall mapping knowledge to allow you to put your car on AUTO PILOT! Your car will not automatically change lanes or get off at exits, but it WILL set your cruise control and keep you in your current lane, adjusting the steering wheel with the curve of the road. How awesome is that? Of course you’ll need to remain alert but this is basically just Cruise Control 2.0. If you touch the steering wheel yourself the Auto-Pilot feature will automatically turn off, allowing you to regain complete control of the car instantaneously.

A few other interesting and relevant notes: the car can fly, looks like a pig and this site is now dedicated to Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1. april fooleration, suckah!