Mar 26th, 2009

Sprinkle some salt on your frikadeller, because this is nothing more than a rumor at the moment. Although citizens of Denmark cannot yet enjoy all that is Android, that will change in a little more than a month if the claims of (translation) prove true. They have a “reliable source” who says the HTC Magic will arrive in Denmark this May.


The HTC Magic is supposedly a Vodafone exclusive, so in an attempt to cross check our facts we took a peek at Vodafone’s operations (or non-operations) in Denmark:


It appears that TDC is Vodafone’s Danish partner and while they don’t currently have the HTC listed for sale, we’ll be keeping a close eye on any announcements or updates on the site. Any folks from Denmark that are eagerly excited about this launch? Or are am I going to hear crickets because you’re out perousing a Danish web source…

As our tipster so appropriately commented, “Hopefully their source is right…”

[Thanks Brian]

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