Foxconn R&D Working On Motorola Android?


The Chinese publication Economic Daily News has quoted Foxconn Electronics sources as saying the company has formed an Android R&D team. If you’re not familiar with Foxconn, those are the manufacturers behind some of the world’s elite mobile devices and consumer electronics such as the iPhone, iPod and Mac Mini and Kindle and have also made products for the likes of Dell, HP, Intel and Sony. The newspaper also noted that the assembling of the R&D team is likely directly related to Motorola’s Android desires.


That being said, lets not forget that Dell is interested in getting into the smartphone game and is in need of some desperate help. Motorola is the obvious object of talk here but there is no reason the company can’t be working on Android for multiple clients, is there? This can only mean good things for Android and we’re eager to see what comes of it.

The company doesn’t update their site very often as illustrated by their last self-proclaimed “milestone” occuring in 2007. Furthermore, there weren’t many appropriate images for this article besides a logo. But there IS a pretty hilarious collection of random Foxconn facilities including a gym, table tennis room, cafateria, library, hospital and more. Is this a company or a city? It’s a campus. And it’s 2am and that is why you are able to enjoy the randomness that is Rob Jackson:

[Via DigiTimes]

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Android is DOOM’d!

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