Acer A1 Coming In September?


Last month at Mobile World Congress, Acer introduced their first 4 mobile phones since purchasing phone maker E-Ten Information Systems. To the disappointment of Android Phone fans everywhere, every single one of those phones ran on Windows Mobile. But there is light at the end of the tunnel – according to an artilce on BusinessMirror, an unnamed Acer official made an unofficial statement saying their first Androi Phone, the A1, would launch this September!


The “unnamed” and the “unofficial” bits do bother me a bit, but one would thing Acer is determined to get an Android out this calendar year. Last year the company predicted that handsets would account for 10 percent of the company’s sales by the year 2011 and Android can help them reach that goal. Not to mention those secretly unscecret Acer Roadmap pictures that included 2 super mysteriously unmysterious Android models.

Supposedly the official who made these statements requested to go unnamed because he wasn’t authorized to comment on the matter. Acer Spokesmen Henry Wang declined to comment and Marsha Wang, a Google spokesman in Beijing, declined to comment as well. How about a cough once if it’s true, cough twice if it’s not?

I wonder how many of the LetterNumber combinations we’ll see as identifying names of Android Phones… G1…. A1…. maybe you’ll get a free bottle of Steak Sauce with the purchase of your phone!

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  1. Don’t believe it man. It’s almost April and only HTC has launched TWO Android based devices while the rest of the manufacturers have launched a bunch of Win and Sym based phones. This is very disappointing. And let alone gettin something in Argentina… things will take even more time!

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