Two Acer Android’s Sketched Out


We’re not exactly sure how to categorize this rumor but “reputable” probably isn’t one of the first words that would pop into our heads. Goofy, Sherlocked and Suspicious are 3 that would probably qualify. An Engadget Spanish writer pushed an Acer rep for Android rumors and said Acer exec supposedly sketched out Acer’s roadmap which lists two Acer Android devices. And he called them Secret Models on the Secret Roadmap.



Is this a joke? This is like a cheesy Scooby Doo plot line. This just seems too scripted – I would classify this as a planned leak/rumor – anyone with me?

[Via Engadget Spanish]

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  1. Those are some mighty well-shot photos for a secret road map. Focus is perfect, especially in the second one, with the depth-of-focus centered right on “Android secret models.” If you’re doing spy shots, you just want to get something readable, not take the time to craft a good-looking photo.

  2. Acer Android’s what?

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