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android-netbookWhen Android was first announced, Google tried to keep the attention on Android Phones while speculation arose about Android being used as somewhat of a nomadic OS that could be used on other types of devices as well. While they never denied Android could and might be used elsewhere, it wasn’t something liked to talk about. But that doesn’t mean they weren’t thinking about it… or WORKING on it!

Mike Jennings, former Developer Advocate and Android evangelist at Google, has stayed in touch with his friends at Google and says they were always pushing the boundaries of Android OS capabilities. They were even testing out Android on a netbook… LAST YEAR!

“From day one, people have been tinkering with Android on other stuff. I remember back in the day somebody had almost got Android running on a mini PC – this was a year ago or more,” he said.

Aspirations of OHA companies to make an Android Netbook have come to light and now there is little reason to deny the possibility liklihood. While Google putting Android on Netbooks was probably just a “test”, I wouldn’t discount the possibility of seeing a gBook of sorts that comes with all Google products. That means based on Android, Chrome Browser, Google Gears for using Google Docs, Google Spreadsheets, Google Reader and all down the line.

But at this point we know one thing – these companies aren’t S-T-R-E-T-C-H-I-N-G Android to run on Netbooks, it’s an intended extending of the platform and we’re probably going to be seeing a lot more of this in 2009. Afterall, who wouldn’t want a super cheap netbook running Android?

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  1. If Android had:

    – Full Gmail (“Send as” my other addresses, add/edit filters, create new labels, etc.)
    – Full Google Reader (add/edit tags being the big one)
    – Full Google Docs (editing/creating docs)
    – Full IM client (Jabber servers other than just Google Talk, multiple accounts per protocol, multiple active accounts at once)
    – SyncML client for Calendar (could be a third party add-on, but I still want/need it)
    – Better SSH/VNC integration (I haven’t been able to get ConnectBot tunneling and the VNC viewer to work together, when using a password protected VNC server)

    Then I’d be HAPPY to use it on a Netbook. I can imagine it being a great OS to use on the Asus EeePC T91, for example. Or any convertible tablet swivel screen netbook.

  2. Google Android netbooks is the reason for the offline versions of Google products

  3. Has anyone seen this ? If you click on learn more, they state you can run android on it. 10 to 15 hour battery life and removable touch screen!

  4. This thing on the picture here looks like Netbook Pro from Psion (

    Dos anybody know how to put Android on them? I have several of them kicking around.

  5. Hey DJSuperVillain, I have seen this and love it. Check it here to:

    Hey gnugu how do you have several Psions? Me want! Share please!

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