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Surveyor Robotics have just announced SRV-1 Console which allows you to operate actual robots over WiFI connection using the camera on your mobile phone! This is, simply put… AWESOME! In the first video he remotely steers the robot, drives it down the hall, grasps an actual cupcake and cuts it in half. All over WiFi, remotely, using a T-Mobile G1 (and robot).


You gotta see it to believe/appreciate it:

Source code for the Android Application used is available at and the video also mentions more can be found at

[Linux Devices via EngadgetMobile]

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  1. I’ve built robots before, but that trumps them all. Very Niiiiice.

  2. I just had a geek induced orgasm/seizure.

    I already have my Christmas wish list done. Thanks phandroid!

  3. now run a gas powered rc car with that :)

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