Black Magic: The HTC Magic In Black (Official)


Yesterday, the Mobile Cowboys go their hands on a Black version of the HTC Magic and man did that thing look A-MAZE-ING:


But see that “HTC” branding in the upper right of the phone (lower left of picture)? Some thought this was an indication that the HTC Magic in Black might be branded differently, get a new name and head to a new carrier in a new location. Why? Because the WHITE HTC Magic is plastered with the Vodafone logo – top and center:


Well today, Engadget got their own peek at the Black HTC Magic – which should really just be called Black Magic – and it confirmed the existence of the Black Magic and ALSO had that HTC logo nestled up their on its face:


They agreed it looked stellar and got some clarification for us:

We chatted it up with an on-hand representative who confirmed that the handsets on display weren’t absolutely finalized, and that when launched exclusively on Vodafone in Europe (you read that correctly), the Voda logo would be proudly plastered on. He stated that there were no immediate plans for selling an unlocked one in Europe or abroad, but that’s just the standard line given when a carrier has yet to get their special toy.

Mystery solved. Although after a certain period of time exclusivity could run out and it could be “Mystery changed”. Either way, I’m really digging the Black Magic and if I had to choose between the Black/White, it wouldn’t even be a contest. How about you?

Head on over to EngadgetMobile for more pictures.

[Thanks Nikotttin!]

Rob Jackson
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  1. Hey!
    Great pics. I got also some on my german blog from the CeBIT yesterday. Its also a comparison of the g1 and the htc magic.
    You can see it hear:

    Greetings from Cologne

  2. Hey Rob…

    Simple mistake…

    “But see that “HTC” branding in the upper right of the phone (lower left of picture)”

    it’s the upper left of the phone.

  3. I only posted that cause I’m bitter and angry that I don’t own this phone.

  4. @Rob – maybe that’s because i’m looking at the phone from INSIDE the monitor. I live in the interwebz.

  5. sleek looking phone

  6. Iphone and both its hardware and software will always be better than any retarded android phone. I know I have had both phones and Iphone is still a far better phone than any android garbage. Why dont you guy’s just face the fact, and the another thing almost every app on the so called “Market Place” sucks ass, anyone who has ever had a Crappy and Bulky G1 or dream (more like nightmare)can tell you that. Death to Android!!!!!!!!! not a hater just stating the facts.

  7. @Rob Jackson- and that is why you are awesome and I’m just a guy that sits around at work making myself feel better by pointing out other’s mistakes.

    Now if you will excuse me, I need to get to McDonalds for a McFlurry.

  8. Oreo McFlurry FTW!

  9. I like the white Magic’s bigger buttons. I wish my G1 had poofy buttons on the base instead of the totally flat ones. They even made room for the search key on the front..I like the white Magic’s button design all over, but it may be a while until I see something I want more than my G1.. …like a Touch Pro2 with Android. =8-P

  10. OMGOSH! that thing is beautiful! cannot wait to rid of my behold for this!

  11. Rob, I think you mean others’ not other’s.

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