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We admit – we missed a couple days of news. But if it is any consolation weren’t JUST being lazy… we recorded our first podcast over the weekend and you can look out for it in just a few hours. That’s our excuse and we’re sticking by it! Both lucky and unlucky for us, there wasn’t too much news we missed. In any case, here are some stories you might want to take a peek at from the past few days:

Acer Hints At Holidroid
Do you remember at MWC when what seemed like an “organized leak” showed 2 Acer Android’s Sketched on Paper? Well Acer’s Smartphone head – Aymer De Lencquesaing – recently told reporters in London that 2 new Acer Phones would be coming out in Q4 2009. When asked if those phones would have an OS other than Windows Mobile, De Lencquesaing sai, “there is a possibility, yes” And while Oct/Nov/Dec is a long time to wait, it looks like we may be rewarded. [Via ElectricPig]

Google Sets Up Android Team In Taiwan
The global roll out of Android isn’t likely to happen without it’s fair share of kinks, but Google seems determined to mitigate the challenges. CHien Lee-feng, president of Google Taiwan, announced a new Android Team put in place there that will offer technical support to manufactuers making Android based products such as netbooks and embedded systems. Cheap Android Netbooks? Me likey. [Via Digitimes]

Android Surpassing iPhone by 2012
According to Informa, Android-powered smartphone sales will surpass iPhone sales by 2012. When I read that, I was shocked. Not because it was going to happen… but rather because it was going to take so LONG to happen. We talk about this in the upcoming podcast but I think Android will surpass the iPhone by 2011 at the latest. With Android not having to tie itself to one manufacturer or carrier, there are just too many distribution channels for the iPhone to compete. All these different manufacterers and carriers will all, simultaneously, be promoting their own Android phones. Let me stop… I’ll save it for the podcast… but we saw the story first on IntoMobile.

T-Mobile G1 Makes Up 20% Of Sales in UK
Another little statistical gem from the IntoMobile Guys, while T-Mobile’s customer base dropped by 3%, the company’s financial results showed that the G1 makes up 20% of its new contract sales. Surely this is part of the reason that mobile broadband customers shot up by 250%! With the Magic on the way, Android is about to dominate TMOUK.

KS360 Not LG’s First Android?
ks360In our last roundup, we told you that Jeremy Newing of LG said that they would launch the KS360 with Android in the summer, followed by 2 more LG Androids. But after AndroidAuthority caught up with Newing, it appears that information was inaccurate. He DID say the company is considering a similar form factor for a social networking focused Android phone in the future. I’m guessing the KS360 is just going to get a little boost in specs, some stylistic changes and yeah, then we’ll see it come out with Android. It won’t be the KS360 but it’ll be awfully close. Just my guess though.

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