Guitar Hero Coming To Android


guitar-hero-androidGet ready to rock on the run, baby! Now that the Android Market is accepting paid applications there will be an influx of games hitting G1s all over the globe – just as we predicted. Many of the apps – but games specifically – will be launched by big time companies who have been waiting to make a splash via Robot Canonball. Among the first? Guitar Hero!

The article offers little in regards to details, failing even to list a source confirming the Guitar Hero claim – although we’re not doubting it. Here is pretty much all we know:

“The game requires users to touch the G1’s touch-screen to play along to tracks including Deep Purple’s Smoke on the Water and the Guns n Roses classic, Welcome to the Jungle.”

Whooda Thunk?

[Telegraph via MobileCrunch]

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  1. No multitouch required?

  2. yeah the screen isnt responsive fast enough to play GH unless there was multi touch my bet is on you using keys on the qwerty to play ie “qwert” and using the track ball or perhaps the touchscreen to strum it…i dunno about this one, the DS version was decent but it had the fret button attachment to make it difference, i doubt ill buy this.

  3. Good thing for the return policies! I’ll try it.

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