Cupcake On the G1


So the HTC Magic has stolen the show. Its the cute new baby with big cheeks getting pinched while the novelty of the poor old T-Mobile G1 has worn off. Worse yet, they’re treating the HTC Magic like royalty with Cupcakes ane everything! Leave it to the guys at to give the G1 its due time in the lime.

Here is Cupcake running on a G1 Dev Phone:

Good stuff. We’ll take one of those beers with the cupcake if you have any more lying around. Thanks.


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  1. Sorry, but that video was a whole lot of nothing.

  2. I have to agree with Matt. There was nothing new and ground breaking in that video. It’s all been seen before. As soon as Cupcake branch updates with all the google services for sync and maps etc are available, then show us a video if it working.

  3. Its just sad that i was excited for the G1, if they have more support, better updates, more WORTHY SCREENED paid apps, Stupid cupcake pastry named update that should of been integrated with the android OS when released……

  4. My experiance so far with the g1 makes me feel like the main charactor in portal who is always being promised cake. THE CUPCAKE IS A LIE! Cupcake and flash will complete me.

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