Cupcake on the G1 – the oven timer is beeping…


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Can you hear it? Yeah, it’s the oven timer (Oooh, and it just twittered me, too…). It’s been beeping louder and louder; as if, for some reason, it really wanting me to take out the food. Turns out, that “food” is a single, old-fashioned Cupcake. And my mouth is starting to water.

Now, if you haven’t gotten the analogy yet – let’s set the record straight – according to reports floating around on the veritable internets/interwebz, Android’s Cupcake development branch (a.k.a A2DP Bluetooth, Touch Keyboard, improved Copy and Paste, Video recording, you know, the small stuff etc…) is about done. Although T-Mobile released a statment  that was assuredly vague, the entire gadgetblog community is starting to feel the geek-goosebumps all over again. Early reports say that Cupcake still isn’t quite ready for the big-time release just yet, I think we’re safe to say that sticking a fork in it would yield only a small amount of dough. 

All moronic cooking analogies aside – we’re looking at a few weeks to a couple of months before the G1 (and most likely the devices being announced at MWC next month) receives its birthday wishes. Screenshots that were fleshed out today show a few visual improvements – but the big hit here will be those under-the-hood goodies that will be less visible to the untrained eye, but definitely hugely (awesomely) important. 

So if there were any advice to give to the readers, it would be this: curb your hunger with a Snickers bar and make sure to keep asking for it by commenting on apps in the Market.


P.S. – Joke, people – we’re all getting a little sick of the ridiculous comments on the Market. 

Spencer Gardner
Spencer sheds blood, sweat, and sometimes tears over each and every story that is written. All in the name of Sci..er..Android! He also runs many miles many days of the year and hugely enjoys the tech world in general.

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  1. I think this post is a bit misleading. According to the articles you linked cupcake is still far from being usable. Also in their list of updates, I don’t see anything about new bluetooth profiles or video recording. I wish all the speculation would just stop. Somebody wake me up when there’s an actual update for the phone.

  2. Carmex – If you read the last few lines, I was basically saying “It’s coming soon-ish, but don’t expect it tomorrow”. Also, before you start drawing conclusions and making wrong inferences, you should check out http://source.android.com/roadmap/cupcake – maybe that might “wake you up” :)

    All the best,


  3. Yeah, getting tired of all the comments in the Market.

  4. I can’t wait for this just as much as any of you, but anyone getting that weird thinkage, why are we so excited for something that they MADE us wait for, that should have come with the phone in the first place, the things that Palm has built into their first 1.0 of webOS, hm? They are making us wait for the update, and making us want it even more, and making us talk hype into their delayed product.

    Marketing team = good job for you
    consumer relations = eh

  5. It reminds me of a member’s tagline on the forum:

    You have walk before you can run…

    I enjoy my G1 more and more each day. We have to give the G1 credit. It’s a very stable and reliable device which is not too shabby for a 1.0 release.

  6. You know, with all this talk about cupcake I think everyone have forgotten about the crappy battery in the G1. It seems to me that tmobile needs to do something about it and I don’t mean more rumors. Whats the point in having all these great feature it you can’t use them for more that a couple of hours before having to charge the phone. I thought I was buying a MOBILE phone.

    1. Shaun – you make a good point. I’ll be the first one to say that this thing needs better battery life. I have to charge it usually around twice a day. That being said, if it did have good-to-great battery life, this thing would be an absolute beast. It’s interesting, actually, because I owned the iPhone for over a year, and it had great battery life. Few would argue that the iPhone is a stunningly awesome phone. But I don’t personally game on my phone, I want to be able to gets loads and loads of information, communication, etc…out of my device. And the G1 is the best phone hands down for that reason. I feel much more connected.

      Everybody, everybody talks about their problems with the iPhone, G1, etc… and how these features should have been included in the initial release. However, people need to keep in mind that if they were included, it would have taken that much more time to release, thus possibly missing a small window of large sales and risking some higher tech coming out.

      The G1 needs improvement, as does every other phone, and more and more phones are suited to specific people. This phone, for me, is perfect. The iPhone could be perfect for someone else.

  7. Any piece of tech you buy is going to have something missing. Every time Google releases an update to Android, people are going to pull that attitude that “WTF THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN RELEASE.” Yeah? Well how about if they didn’t release the G1 yet because obviously the features are still in development? It would be delayed years because there are always improvements and Android will consistently be updated. Google released a finished product, and now they are adding on to it. Maybe you should complain to HTC for making a phone that doesn’t need to have a touch screen keyboard and releasing it before the software supported one? I just don’t get it.

    As for battery life, that is the ONE improvement I want to see on my G1. There are improved batteries out there, but they make your phone larger (replacement cover). There are a lot of budding battery techs out there, so I personally am hoping one of the new and super cool battery technologies they’re developing for portable devices comes to the G1. The one thing I like about the G1 battery is that it charges fast.

  8. I got my update two days ago. i like it. anyways the camera needs flash and zoom capabilities and we should be able to hide pics and messages with a password. pass that along to who can make a difference.

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